7 Simple and easy storage organization ideas

You might have heard your home is the most significant investment. And while that is true, there is no denying that your home is also the most comfortable place you can find on the entire earth.

So has your small, beautiful, and comfortable home started to give you a headache because you often can’t find your missing files, or maybe whenever you open any drawer, all items come flowing down? If such is the case, it’s time you start looking into storage solutions and organization ideas for each room in your house.

A small space shouldn’t affect keeping your home neat and organized. So, no worries if you’re feeling overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start. Luckily for you, we have compiled easy ideas you can implement to store and organize your essentials:

1. Sort your belongings

Answer this. How do you expect to keep your place organized if you aren’t paying attention to the clutter in your home? So, first thing first. Sort your belongings. Start with one room and determine whether you need certain items or not.

A pro tip is to divide your belongings into three categories: store, donate, or throw away. In this manner, you can eliminate unnecessary items from your home.

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2. Organize the kitchen spices

It is no secret that your kitchen is the heart of your home. An organized kitchen can save plenty of time and make cooking a pleasant experience.

Imagine you want to try a new recipe. But as you enter the kitchen, all you find are missing items, overflowing jars and expired products. Surely, circumstances like these can leave you in a foul mood. Thus, make sure to keep your kitchen neat and well-organized.

Start by cleaning your fridge, checking the expiry dates of all items, putting containers, and labeling them with stickers.

As for storage, you can install cabinet racks or go for a rolling cart for better accessibility.

3. Your closet needs organization

Do you have a habit of throwing your clothes carelessly on the chair, bed, or floor? If you need to keep your home organized, you need to change this habit of yours.

Start by separating your clean clothes from dirty ones. Buy a laundry basket and put your dirty clothes in it to keep your closet tidy.

Moreover, make your clothes more accessible by keeping the same colored clothes together. However, store away the least used or off-season dresses and keep them in the back.

Lastly, does your closet lack sufficient storage? In that case, maybe it’s time to invest in a shelf-hanging organizer to place your garments neatly.

4. Practice minimalist approach

Let’s face it, all your organization ideas and storage solutions will fall by the wayside if you aren’t practicing a minimalist approach.

Answer this. Have you recently seen a piece of furniture in a magazine and got impressed with it, or got awe-stricken with a classic vanity table picture you saw on social media? Naturally, you might be planning to purchase such items. But unfortunately, if your home doesn’t have enough open space, buying these items may make your cozy home look cramped.

Therefore, try to only have those items in your home that serve you some purpose. In this way, you can relax your mind and enjoy the comfort of your home.

5. Rely on multifunctional furniture

When looking for furniture, most people often want something that looks good and fits right in the available space. And that’s right, but why not go the extra mile and look for versatility. Thus, identify the available space and pick multi-purpose furniture.

For instance, when looking for a bed, consider purchasing a Murphy bed that you can fold whenever not in use. Or buy a bed that has drawers underneath. Or you can invest in tall lamps that come with shelves underneath. Or you may go for ottomans or folding tables. The options are endless; you just need to explore smartly.

6. Clear off your tops

Nothing makes your home more cluttered or disorganized than unending items piled on the tops. So look around your home and check how many things are lying on the top?

You might have a habit of keeping the countertop of your living room filled with your glasses, car keys, TV remote, and books. Similarly, chances are, you have a habit of putting your wallet, keys, cell phone, and other items on your nightstand. But, doing so can make your home look disorganized. Put this way, no matter how convenient this may look, it can make your home a messier place.

Try not to put more than three things on your nightstand.

7. Store and organize electronic supplies

Most people overlook this trick when planning to keep their homes clean and organized.

In today’s digital world, having different tech devices in our homes are not uncommon. Among various tech devices, some common ones include mobile phones, tablets, Wi-Fi routers, television, game consoles, laptops, music accessories, etc.

So organizing your electronic items and strategically tucking them away can help you make your home a tidy place.

You can store large-sized tech items such as scanners or printers in a right-sized drawer and take them out only when you need them. In addition, you can control cord clutter by drilling a few holes. As for CDs or DVDs, you can purchase a storage container.

Summing up

Keeping your entire house organized might seem a daunting task. However, with the right strategy, you can accomplish this goal.

It is to note that organizing every space in your house is a vast project and can’t happen overnight. So avoid putting too much pressure on yourself and take your sweet time to make your home beautiful and tidy. A better idea is to try one tip at a time. Lastly, don’t restrict yourself to these ideas only; let your creative mind come up with unique ideas.