Acura TL Transmission Replacement Cost

Your Acura TL transmission should last at least 150,000 miles with proper maintenance. Many transmissions last longer, while some can become worn down and require replacement after fewer miles. Find out more about your 2004 Acura TL transmission to prepare to replace your own for less than the cost of a trip to the mechanic.

How Does a Transmission Work?

How is power transmitted from an engine to wheels? A transmission is the essential component that connects to the engine and powers the drive wheels. An automatic 2005 Acura TL transmission relies on torque converters to change gears as you accelerate and decelerate. Shifting gears enables your Acura to drive efficiently whether you’re cruising at 20 or 60 miles per hour.

A manual transmission uses a flywheel and clutch. There are different styles of clutch, but they all work in a similar way to engage and disengage the transmission from the engine.

Signs of Failing Automatic Transmission

A damaged transmission can prevent your Acura from driving. Without careful monitoring, you may not notice signs until it’s too late. Don’t wait until your 2006 Acura TL transmission completely fails, but watch out for these signs:

  • Unusual clunking, grinding or whining sounds
  • Burning odor
  • Poor response as you accelerate or decelerate
  • Shaking as you drive
  • Check engine light
  • Failure to change gears

Clunking and other unusual signs could be caused by damaged gears or transmission mounts. These noises may also be caused by contaminated transmission fluid.

Burning odors can be caused by overheated fluid, excessive wear caused by friction or compromised seals. Performance-related issues, like failure to change gears or poor acceleration, can be caused by damaged gears, contaminated fluid or other issues.

Repairing a transmission is a time-consuming process. Rebuild kits come with some seals and minor components, but a major issue with your transmission may require a full replacement. Compare the pros and cons of replacing vs. rebuilding your transmission to see which one is more affordable and convenient for your situation.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace an Acura TL Transmission?

Some Acura TL transmission issues can be solved by changing the transmission fluid. Other issues are caused by serious transmission damage and require a new component. If you determine the issue is caused by the transmission itself, then it’s time to order the right component online.

Replacement transmissions vary in cost depending on the brand and the year of your Acura TL. Expect to pay between $2,445 and $3,650 for a new one.

Replacing a transmission is an advanced repair task. Carefully review the necessary tools, components and steps required to take on this project. With expert advice and the right toolkit, you’ll be able to restore your Acura TL in the comfort of your own garage.

Review Transmissions for Sale Online

Explore highly rated options online before you make your purchase. Shopping for a transmission online gives you the opportunity to sort transmissions based on brand, cost or customer rating. Check out customer reviews for peace of mind before you place your order.