Automotive Industry Trends 2021 – Are You Prepared for The Evolution

The world is constantly evolving around us. With the increase of technology with time, people are constantly looking for innovative ideas to ease their lives and help make their work more efficient.

Just like every other industry in the world, the automotive industry also goes through constant development and implements new innovative approaches to make their products better, faster, and ‘smarter’.

The following are the trends in the automotive industry and stuff that can be expected to be seen in 2021.

Electric Cars

While there have already been many electric cars in the world before 2021, with the passing of time, the electric car is expected to completely take over the traditional one but we’re not talking about the average electric car.

Electric cars in 2021 will be built to drive for longer periods and longer distances requiring smaller time to charge their batteries. The electric cars will also be more environmentally friendly and also have easier access to charging hubs.

In 2021, due to toughening up of emission rules, there’s a growth in electric cars and more producers are entering the market.

Some of the electric cars which we’re excited about include:

1. Audi Q4 E-Tron

This is Audi’s fourth electric vehicle. It has an outstanding horsepower of 300 and two electric motors. An adaptive suspension will make the car ride much smoother and also the car warranty makes it more special.

2. BMW i4

The BMW i4 is expected to release in 2021. This sleek-design electrically powered car is expected to be full of high-tech equipment. The i4 will last 372 miles on a full battery charge and will charge by 80% in just 35 minutes. The interior will be extremely futuristic including a large touch screen infotainment system and controls operated through different gestures. This 530-horsepower car is expected to go head-to-head with the Tesla Model 3 and its release is eagerly awaited.

3. Bollinger B2 (Expected: 2021)

The Bollinger b2 is an all-electrical, all-wheel-drive coated with thick pure aluminum. It is extremely powerful with a dual motor and a 614-horsepower engine. You can also remove the glass, windows, doors, and even the roof panels of this futuristic pickup truck. This truck is ideal to carry heavy loads and really gives a sense of how modern and untraditional cars in 2021 could look like.

Autonomous: Steering Wheels Become Redundant

This one’s right out of a sci-fi movie. Another major trend we’ll see in the coming years in the automotive industry is the increased adaptability in cars to respond to your audio instructions and use integrated GPS mapping technology to drive through the streets by itself automatically. Without the need for the driver to worry about directions, driving rules or traffic. This self-driving car has got you covered.

With more awareness about the disadvantages of petrol and diesel cars, the focus has been on finding a sustainable development of the automotive industry.

Some people may be skeptical about the safety that this car offers. However, the latest technologies, AI, algorithms, and deep learning have made this project smart, constantly advancing towards the realization of what seemed to be fiction years ago.

Honda is one of the few manufacturers to have announced it will be producing a car that can drive itself. Of course, the driver still needs to be involved as all cars on the road aren’t autonomous and so, there’s no way to fully program a machine to react to human decisions on the road.

Bikes Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

2021 also promises to bring major changes in the bikes you see today. Though it feels weird that we’d still have bikes in the coming years, the bikes are nothing like the ones you have seen before. The bikes will be better built, with GPS installed, electrically charged, and will also have their own advanced braking system. These bikes will be made available at places to be rented out and will be designed specifically to promote and increase the health benefit of riding a bike

High Speed – Cars and Data

Connectivity will be a huge factor in the future of cars and the automotive industry. Cars will be fitted with high-speed connections to display Ultra HD 4K videos while you’re driving. This connectivity will also help car companies gather, collect, and process important data to be used in future innovations.  You can even have some fun with you car and buy from showplatesexpress.

Predictive Maintenance

Cars are expected to be built much smarter to not just collect data but process it to let the driver know of vital information such as engine trouble, tire problems, and other potential matters. This helps in cost savings since the problem is only corrected when it is alerted and asked for. Predictive maintenance will also help your vehicle stay maintained and saves you from any last-minute car breakdowns. Improving the technology used in predictive maintenance is a huge breakthrough for the automotive industry and cars in general.