Top 10 US Cities for Fine High Living

New York City Manhattan

If you want to create a successful company or if you just want to live in a lavish location, then you should know which cities are more suitable for fine high living, where people have a bigger budget to spend for your business, or where you can stay in some of the … Read more

Most Expensive Countries to Live in

a building located in reykjavík, Iceland

Everyone works hard to make a better life for themselves and their families. They aspire to earn well enough to give their families at least a stable life. But the struggles in achieving it can be challenging as the cost of living is quite expensive these days. The cost of living helps … Read more

Things to Consider Before Spending Money on Luxury Cosmetics

luxury cosmetic products

When we think about luxury cosmetics, the two things that come to our minds first are quality and price. Most luxury cosmetic products are made with high-quality materials, hence the reason why these products are considered to be the best in elevating the beauty of those who wear them. However, because of … Read more

What are the British crown jewels?

St Edward's Crown, the orb, and the sovereign's sceptres and ring

The British crown jewels are one of the most significant and well-preserved items in history. Dating back to the 1600s, these crown jewels are royal ceremonial objects that have been collected over time by the Queen or the British government as gifts. However, the fact of the matter is that these are … Read more

Learn About the Interesting Facts and History of Rubies

Shrouded by glamor and mystery, the history of rubies a rich and long story, dating back for thousands of years. The fascinating stones have been mentioned in the Bible, became the symbolism of success, love, passion, and devotion. For ancient warriors, they were considered as their talisman of protection on the battlefield, … Read more

Luxury Fashion Brand: Hermes

Hermes Logo

For over 178 years, French’s craftsmanship and taste for fashion have been embodied in the country’s most prominent luxury fashion brand, Hermès. This brand is known for being a maker of leather goods, shoes, accessories, clothes, scarves, cravats, and even homeware. Some of Hermes’ designs have been around to witness different eras. … Read more

Luxury Fashion Brands: Interesting Facts about Chanel

There’s no doubt that the interlocking Cs, which is the iconic Chanel logo, is one that most of us have seen, and maybe craved. But before the luxury fashion brand became an iconic and lust-worthy, it started out as a modest millinery shop in Paris. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, or popularly known … Read more

Luxury Fashion Brands: Facts about Christian Dior

Christian Dior Logo

This iconic luxury fashion brand was founded in 1947 by Christian Dior. And since then, Dior pioneered a new style of elegant dressing, especially when they released their New Look collection of that year. The fashion brand’s design blends classicism and modernity. And they indeed defined a decade, and they were able … Read more