Crazy Doomsday Bunkers

They are some people who are called preppers. They are the ones who are paranoid because they believe a catastrophic event, such as the end of the world, can occur anytime, therefore, they make preparations for it such as stocking foods, ammunition, and other things. Rich and elite preppers, on the other hand, are overly prepared that they even created or are still creating underground bunkers which would be a safe place they can go on doomsday. These are not just plain bunkers which are often used as shelters in wars because some of them are very luxurious. Here are some of the crazy doomsday bunkers designed to survive the apocalypse. View here to learn more about muzzle brake vs flash hider.

Vivos Corporation

This bunker is located in Vivos, Indiana. It can endure a twenty megaton hit from a nuclear bomb. About 80 people can live in this doomsday bunker in a year, but they’ll have to pay $35,000 to be able to get in. That sure is a big price but once you see all the facilities it offers, such as a gym, an infirmary, generators, guns, stocks of foods, and many more, you’ll be able to say that the price makes sense. Aside from keeping you safe, you can also live a healthy life in this bunker.

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Silo Home

The Silo Home is located in the Adirondack Mountains and it is one of the remote underground bunkers on Earth. This bunker was built by two entrepreneurial cousins named Bruce Francisco and Gregory Gibbons. Its size is over 12,000 square feet. This home looks like an ordinary house, but 35 feet beneath it lies a nuclear missile silo and a subterranean command center. It was carved out of concrete and designed to withstand a Soviet nuclear attack. For those who are taking their doomsday preparations seriously, the Silo home is on the market for $1.76 million.

Doomsday Castle

The Doomsday Castle was built by Brett Burns and his family because Brett has a feeling that something bad would happen to the Earth years ago. It is actually Brett’s father who first thought about prepping back in 1999 because of the Y2K computer glitch prediction. However, the prediction did not happen so Brett decided to forget about the plan for a couple of years. But he eventually got back to their original plan and this time it’s with his own family.

The castle is located in the deep woods of South Carolina. The castle would be a safe place for him and his family as it can withstand an electromagnetic pulse. Also, their family is learning about using medieval weapons such as crossbows and catapults which can protect them from marauders and scavengers.

Pipe Bunker

This doomsday bunker is made from corrugated pipe and it’s designed to be buried 20 feet underground. It is sold by Al’s Army Navy Store in Altamonte Springs in Florida for $60,000. This pipe bunker is referred to as the Atlas Survival Center. It is complete with bunk beds that have under-the-lid storage, an escape hatch for an emergency, mudrooms, countertops, kitchen with a sink, low voltage electric lights, and a toilet. Aside from that, this pipe bunker also comes with optional gadgets such as a flat-screen TV, shortwave radios, surveillance camera, water tanks, fuel storage tanks, and many more.

The Gift from Iceland

This bunker is located on Ellijay Island in Iceland. Though it’s not underground like the other bunkers, this house is a safe place to go if ever a war breaks out since it’s the only building on the entire island. It would take an effort to hike to be able to get to this house because the island is pretty high above the water.

House Bunker

This is a modern bunker located in Swiss Alps. It is a house which can accommodate up to ten people. It has complete facilities such as two floors with three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a large kitchen, a family room, living room, and a basement. It is found underground and some people who drive around do not even notice that it’s there. It’s very secluded and difficult to find as well.

The Caverns Suite

Would you believe that there is a luxury suite 200 feet below the ground in the Grand Canyon Caverns in Peach Springs, Arizona? This luxury suite used to be a fallout shelter. It was then bought by a group of friends in 2001. They turned it into 200 feet by 400 feet, with a 70-foot ceiling luxury suite. If you want to spend a night here, it would cost two guests $800 a night and a hundred dollars for each additional person. It can accommodate up to six people. But if it will be used as a bomb shelter, about 2,000 people can survive in the caverns for several weeks.

Subtera Castle

The Subtera Castle is in Kansas Hills, 25 miles west of Topeka. It is a mansion created from a missile silo. A couple named Ed and Diana Peden bought it for $40,000 in 1984. They converted it into an underground mansion. It has four bedrooms and two baths, as well as a music room, a kitchen, a library, and a hot tub. Ed Peden also likes to tour different people there who want to see their house.  

The Oppidum

The Oppidum is considered by Forbes as the World’s Largest Private Apocalypse Shelter. It is located in the mountains of the Czech Republic. The bunkers are designed for billionaires, and though it has a ton of square footage, there are only seven apartments here. These apartments have a movie theater, a spa, a swimming pool, and a library. People who buy bunkers here can live up to 10 years underground and they can also live above the ground on the huge 323,000 square estates.

These doomsday bunkers sure are crazy. Well, it never hurts to be prepared.