Guide to Luxury Motorcycle Brands

Motorcycles have been a part of our travel loving lives  for a long time. The amazing sound of their throttling engines have attracted several aficionados and inspired them to create their very own custom motorcycles. But the motorcycle’s speed is just the first thing that you will consider in choosing and buying your motorcycle. You should also think about its control, balance, sound, and aesthetics. There several high-end brands in the market and if you are looking to buy one for yourself, make sure that you will choose a bike that will give you an excellent riding experience and most of all, it should be environment-friendly. If you’re having a hard time to choose which brand you should go for, read along because we have compiled a list of the best luxury motorcycle brands in the world.

1. Kawasaki

Kawasaki is one of the most popular motorcycles and sports bikes manufacturer. They started as Kawasaki Building Industries. They started manufacturing motorcycles when they acquired Meguro motorcycles, one of the first Japanese motorcycle builders. Kawasaki produced their first motorcycle which is a B8 125 cc two-stroke engine. And their Ninja bikes series have been popular among superbikes enthusiasts. Their motorcycles are designed and made in different countries like the United States, Thailand, Indonesia, and of course, Japan.

2. Curtiss

Curtiss is an American based company that was established in the early 1990s. What makes their motorcycles stand out from other company is that all the bikes they make are custom made. They have no standard or production model. They take special orders from their customer so that they will experience one-of-a-kind and personalized motorcycle. Once they finished building a custom motorcycle, they throw out the plans and move on to the next customer and the cycle goes on. The only downside of this is that there are only a few people who own a Curtiss motorcycle because the company takes their time to make these bikes.

3. Triumph

If you think the people in the United Kingdom is not fond of riding motorcycles, then think again. Triumph Motorcycles is the largest motorcycle company in the United Kingdom and they are a very old and proud company that is operating since 1902. During the early 1980s, the company got into some serious financial problems. But they were able to get back up again when they were purchased by a person who has a passion for motorcycles. Since then, Triumph Motorcycles have been producing bikes just like their predecessor did during the early 1900s.

4. MTT

MTT is a US-based company that builds turbines for jet engines. However, somebody in their company had the idea that they should create the fastest street-legal motorcycle in the world so they laid down their plans and set out to do exactly that. Although they still manufacture turbines for jet engines, MTT gained some fame for building fast motorcycles.

5. Confederate

Confederate Motorcycles are a company that builds special-order motorcycle designs. And throughout the years they have made several special orders and custom made bikes for high-end customers that are capable of paying for anything they want in their motorcycles.

6. KMZ

If you want to ride a motorcycle that looks vintage, then you might want to opt for a KMZ. They are a company that is based in Ukraine and they have been in the business for several years now. Their secret to their timeless looking motorcycles is that they still do everything in the old-fashioned way which means they still prefer to create and build a motorcycle by hand instead of creating it on an assembly line. KMZ has a number of enthusiasts all over the world and most of them do not fancy riding other motorcycles than their trusted KMZ.

7. Yamaha

Yamaha has been in the motorcycle industry for so long that their name has become synonymous with motorcycle production. They have a wide range of motorcycle series that you can choose from such as scooters, dirt bikes, and racing bikes or street legal bikes of different types. And over the years, Yamaha proved that they surely know how to do their thing when it comes to manufacturing motorcycles.

8. Ducati

If you are a motorcycle racing enthusiast, then you have probably heard of the Italian company Ducati. Although they are known for producing racing bikes, they also make motorcycles for people who just love to leisurely stroll around. Today, you can walk into a Ducati dealership and buy a motorcycle that is street legal. The best thing about it is that they give you several different models to choose from.

9. Honda

Honda is a company that has been around for a long time and they are famous for producing all kinds of things from power tools to automobiles to motorcycles. Honda is known for producing motorcycles that are gas efficient which means they run fast without costing you a ton of money. But even if they cost less it doesn’t mean that they are not capable of running with the big boys such as a Ducati or a Harley-Davidson.

10. Harley-Davidson

Most people know the fact that Harley-Davidson is the most well-known brand of motorcycle in the world. Harley-Davidson has been producing motorcycles for decades and they definitely have a reputation in producing a classic motorcycle complete with the vintage appeal that anyone could ever ask for. But they also have the ability to produce modern-day bikes that have all the bells and whistles. Whatever it is you’re looking for in a motorcycle, we are sure that you can find it in a Harley-Davidson.