How Expensive Is a Taaffeite Engagement Ring?

For thousands of years, man has been enthralled with the beauty and shine of gemstones. When we think of precious stones, we think of diamonds, emeralds, and rubies as the world’s most valuable jewels. These stones have been described as star fragments and heavenly tears, and they are meant to be remarkable. The rarity, size, and hardness of a gemstone are only a few of the factors that impact its value.

Are you thinking about proposing? You should think about getting a Taaffeite Engagement Ring. Although rare doesn’t necessarily equal expensive in the gem world, the stone is visually spectacular, perfect for an engagement rings So, if money is no object, take a closer look at this priceless engagement ring and you may find it as rare as your love for your partner. 


What is taaffeite?

Richard Taaffe, an Australian gemstone specialist, discovered Taaffeite in 1945 and named it after him. Only a few taaffeites have been mined, thus they are highly expensive. Taaffeite responds to most gemological tests in the same way that mauve-colored spinel does, but it can be recognized by its birefringence. One of the rarest mineral species is this gem. Aside from its rarity, this precious stone comes in a variety of colors, from colorless to mauve, lavender, and violet. This engagement ring is stunning, but it’s also a sought-after collector’s piece.

Origin & Occurrences

For a long time, the source of taaffeite was unknown. According to the reference site, little fragments were eventually discovered in Sri Lanka and southern Tanzania. The majority of known Taaffeite cut gems are said to have originated in Sri Lanka.

Material has also arrived from Myanmar, while metamorphosed limestones and skarns have been found in China, both as rolled pebbles and extremely rarely as crystals (microscopic). Hunan Province has also been found to have dolomitized limestone (o= 1.720; e=1.741; birefringence = 0.006). According to the IGS, some lower-grade taaffeite has been discovered in Russia. Also discovered in the Musgrave Ranges, Central Australia (o= 1.739: e= 1.735; S.G. =3.68) is a polytype of taaffeite.

Since its discovery in 1945, just a few taaffeite stones have been discovered, chiefly in Sri Lanka and Tanzania – and some of them aren’t even appropriate for faceting, further limiting its supply.

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Rarer than a Diamond

The taaffeite is so uncommon that it’s a million times more valuable than a diamond. It had been misdiagnosed as spinel before to his discovery. Many taaffeites resemble spinel at first view. It’s only when you get into the details that you can see the distinctions. However, as previously said, taaffeite’s birefringence distinguishes it. Taaffeite differs from spinel in terms of chemical composition and crystal structure. It’s not surprising that the gemstone has been confused for spinel, not only because of its similar appearance, but also because it’s found mixed in with spinel parcels, according to Gems & Gemology.

The taaffeite stone refracted light twice. The world’s only taaffeite stones would only fill a 12 cup measuring cup. Only about ten taaffeite stones have the red hue on the planet. Larson noted that in his seven years with Pala International, he’s only worked with roughly 20 taaffeite stones and has only sold four stones of good quality. The few taaffeites that have been seen on the market, according to Bonhams, are mainly light in color and small.

How much does a Taaffeite cost?

According to Howard Fensterman Minerals, because much of the material is lighter in saturation, it can be priced in the $1,500-$2,500 per carat range. They can sell for up to $4,000 per carat due to their rarity.

The light-pink and dark-purple materials, according to Larson, are priced between $800 and $2,500 per carat. Finer colors with higher saturation can fetch between $5,500 and $7,500 per carat, while those with vivid color and a pristine interior can cost up to $15,000 per carat.

In 2018, a lavender kite-shaped taaffeite weighing 5.34 carats went up for auction at Bonhams, where it sold for $20,000 plus buyer’s premium.


There has been a report of a zincian taaffeite with a ZnO content as high as 4.66 percent. Due to the presence of Mn and Cr, the material is reddish violet in color and has higher refractive indices and S.G. Taaffeite is a kind of taaffeite that is rarer than regular taa. A red gemstone (1.02 carats) with the following qualities was discovered in Sri Lanka: R.l. = 1.717—1.721, birefringence =0.004, S.G. = 1.717—1.721, birefringence =0.004, S.G. =3.61, hardness=8+, hexagonal, mild reddish glow, Cr (emission line in spectrum). This was originally supposed to be taaffeite, but it was later identified as a separate species and given the name taprobanite (after Taprobane, ancient name of the island of Sri Lanka). After it was discovered that this substance was actually taaffeite, the name taprobanite was no longer used.

It has a Mohs hardness value of 8 to 8.5, which is an excellent indication that it will withstand daily wear. This means that it is dependable in terms of durability; nevertheless, finding one can be time-consuming and costly. The Mohs hardness scale assesses a material’s scratch resistance.

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A high hardness, even the famed 10 of a diamond, does not, however, render a gem unbreakable. When struck, most jewels, including diamonds, can shatter. Because taffeite has a “brittle” tenacity – a measurement of a material’s ability to endure physical force – you might want to keep your engagement ring in a secure setting.  Protective settings can also prevent your valuable engagement ring gemstone from catching on clothing and becoming loose.

If everything you hear is true, diamond engagement rings appear to be on their way out. Colored gemstone engagement rings, such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, are on the rise. Brides-to-be are increasingly seeking for something different, unique, and eye-catching. This means they’re looking for exotic gemstones that you won’t find in a typical jeweller’s display, and Taffeite could be the finest engagement ring option for you.