Luxury Fashion Brand: Hermes

For over 178 years, French’s craftsmanship and taste for fashion have been embodied in the country’s most prominent luxury fashion brand, Hermès. This brand is known for being a maker of leather goods, shoes, accessories, clothes, scarves, cravats, and even homeware. Some of Hermes’ designs have been around to witness different eras. However, the brand still continues to thrive with boldness and attract socialites and celebrities alike. But did you ever stop and think, how does Hermes do it? Unfortunately, we can’t give you sure answers to that. But what we can do is to provide you with some interesting facts about this iconic luxury fashion brand.

  • The Hermes Family Ties – Let’s start this list off with a little bit of family history. The brand name started with Thierry Hermès, who was the person who opened and operated the first workshop in 1837. He then decided to pass on to the hands of his son Charles-Émile Hermès which was followed by his grandsons Adolphe and Émile-Maurice. Robert Dumas was the son-in-law of Thierry Hermes, who succeeded Émile-Maurice after his death. Even if he was not the first in-charge because he was not a direct descendant from the Hermès line, he was only tied to the brand through marriage. But Robert Dumas took the challenge. Once he took the top position, he eventually felt that he was rightful to incorporate the last name Hermès.
  • How did it all begin? – And while we’re still in the humble beginnings of Hermes, let us tell you that this now iconic luxury fashion brand started out as a harness workshop in Paris. Since then, they catered to the elite and upper-class Europeans. Their high-quality workmanship even won the prestigious prizes. 40 years after that, Hermes decided to add saddlery, which is why you can see that the brand’s logo is a horse carriage. It is also a subtle way of saying that the horse was able to carry the brand’s history through time.
  • Everything for love -The first leather handbag collection that was ever created by Hermes was done and designed Émile-Maurice himself in 1922. This was after his wife complained about not finding a handbag that will suit her fashion and elegance.
  • What’s with the name Birkin and Kelly? – For starters, the two most iconic and expensive Kelly and Birkin were named after Grace Kelly herself and Jane Birkin. But the Kelly was not initially called the Kelly. They are initially called the bag Sac a Depeches, and they introduced it in 1935. However, just one iconic photograph of Grace Kelly changed the name of the bag forever. This said photograph was the one where Grace Kelly was trying to hide her pregnancy by covering her stomach with a Sac a Depeches bag while she walks down the street.

On the other hand, the Birkin bag was named after Jane Birkin, and its design was conceptualized and created by Jean-Louis Dumas. The Birkin bag was sold for a whopping $434,000, which makes it the most expensive bag that was ever sold.

  • Made with love – All of Hermès products are hand-made, and made from scratch. These don’t just apply to bags but also to the fabrics in workshops which can be located all over France, and they call them Ateliers Hermès. Hermes’ aim is to guarantee that every one of their customers receives superlative quality and uniqueness in every Hermès branded product. In fact, the amount of real and pure silk that goes into making a thousand of the fabulous Hermès 90×90 cm carrés scarves is really long that if you laid it straight, It would cover the distance between the Earth and the Moon.
  • You can’t rush beauty and fashion – The reason why Birkin bags takes a long time to be delivered is that every single one of the bags is handcrafted and it takes about 48 hours to make. Now that is dedication.
  • Hermes does not produce their products in high volume – Since they are very keen when it comes to making shoes, bags, and even scarfs. This is because Hermes believes that if you give your consumers an ultimate quality product, then they will not grow old on the shelf. Their hand-crafted bags and other products are only made after an order is placed.
  • From Paris with Love – The Hermes’ boutique that is located on Rue de Sèvres is state of the art designed Hermes outlet. After you go shopping at the store, you can stop by a small café wherein they serve customers in Hermès silverware and cutlery. You can also find a bookstore where you can see a selective collection of books about art, fashion.

The Iconic Orange Box – Hermes’ boxes originally had a cream color along with a gilded edging that may even look like pigskin. But after the Second World War and because of the shortage of authentic materials, Hermes decided to replace the color of their boxes into mustard color along with brown edging. The orange box became so iconic that the company received the packaging Oscar for their folding orange boxes. Today, there are around 188 different sizes of that iconic orange box.

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