Most Expensive Private Jets

Rich people will buy anything they desire — sprawling mansions, luxury cars, private yachts, private islands, and also private jets.

Private jets are one of the things that weary common airborne travelers can only dream of having. These luxury private planes give the wealthy elite an exemption from lining up at the security checks, which is really inconvenient. Not only that, these private jets are equipped with complete and high-tech customized amenities, upscale comforts, catered food, staff, and many things that make flying less of a chore and more of a bliss. Many private jets even have their own interior designer!

Rich people won’t feel jet-lagged like common people because they will feel comfortable, safe, and well-rested inside their private jets, which are indeed their home away from home. Ah, what a fabulous life these jet-setters have… tell us you don’t feel envious of them!

Here’s our list of some of the most expensive jets in the world.


At $50 million, this Russian-made jet is also one of the biggest in terms of the seating capacity — it can carry 100 passengers. It has comfortable and roomy interiors. It can be modified per each customer’s specifications and preferences and can be designed to include an office room, a bedroom, and a bathroom. You may turn Sukhoi into a business space or a total party place to revel 24/7, several thousand feet above the ground.

The jet’s ample fuel tanks enable it to have a range of around 4,300 nm (nautical mile), which is about double the normal range.


With its 800-seating capacity alone, if the seating is all economy class, the Airbus A380 is easily the biggest passenger plane on the planet — and the most expensive too. You may wonder how a plane this big could turn into a private jet? It would be absurd, but Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia set his sights on the A380 to be his own airborne private space. He bought it to the tune of $300 whopping million. He also had the huge jet’s interiors customized for $200 million, transforming it into some sort of a flying golden palace.


The Airbus ACJ319 is one of the most popular luxury jets around. Like many other private jets, the ACJ319’s interiors can be tailored to suit the wishes of the customer — turn it into a sleek business space with a conference room, dining area, party place or even a cinema lounge, as this aircraft boasts a ridiculously wide and tall cabin.


While Boeing is more often linked to commercial flying, the company also wanted to have a chunk of the growing private jet market. And because of this, it created the Boeing 747-8 VIP, also dubbed as “Jewel in the Sky.” With its hefty price tag of $150 million, you can have this aircraft personalized with all the trappings of your choice.


Boeing 757 is a narrow-body, twin-engine jet that has been in commercial use, and usually carries around 200 to 300 passengers. However, business mogul Donald Trump made it a more luxurious private space. He bought the 1968 Boeing 757 from Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen for a price of $100 million — and that’s what you call a bargain in a rich man’s world. Then he had it customized by hanging pricey art pieces, luxurious decorations, a multiplex entertainment system, and a lot more.


Also known as the “Global Express,” the Bombardier BD-700 is a business jet that can carry up to 19 passengers. The BD-700 can have non-stop flights between destinations around the world, boasting a range that can reach up to 6,325 nm. Its most famous owner is Bill Gates who bought the jet for $45 million and used it mainly for work in his company and for his own foundation.


From the family of “Global Express” aircraft, the Bombardier Global 8000 can also carry up to 19 passengers. It has a cockpit equipped with state-of-the-art features, a well-furnished and purpose-built galley, and a space called “stateroom” where people can have a quiet and peaceful sanctuary. The cabin is highly detailed and ultra-classy. In regards to more technical aspects, this aircraft has the most reduced fuel burn and emissions compared to the other luxury jets out there.


Imagine you’ve just gotten rich and are shopping for a private plane for the first time but don’t want to burn all of your cold cash just yet. Then we suggest you consider buying the Challenger 600 for the estimated price of “only” $5 million. It is a medium-range, wide-bodied corporate jet with a twin turbofan. It has a roomy, comfy and stylish cabin and extra fuel tanks that offer the Challenger an increase to its range. Author Joyce Meyer used to own this baby before she replaced it with a new jet, the Gulfstream IV.


Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer introduced the Legacy 650, a long-range update of its predecessor Embraer 600. It has a range capability of 3,900 nautical miles (7,223 kilometers) with four people or 3,840 nautical miles (7,112 kilometers) with eight people on board. You wouldn’t have thought that famous actor/martial artist Jackie Chan has a private jet because he seems so humble. However, like any other rich people, Chan actually has a private jet of this model which he bought in 2012. He spent about $30 million for the Legacy 650 and had its exteriors painted with the colors of the Chinese flag and his own personal emblem.


Manufacturers Hawker Beechcraft and Raytheon Aircraft Company introduced the Hawker 4000, initially known as the Hawker Horizon. It has a range capability of 3,280 nautical miles with 12 people on board. Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia purchased this jet and uses it whenever he travels to several international golf tournaments.