Selecting a Local Builder you can trust

Whether you are having small changes made to your home, a bathroom renovation or a kitchen extension, or you are looking for a home builder, Macedon Ranges or close to you, there are some things to look for to get one you can trust. Here is a guide on how to get the good ones and avoid the ones just after your money.

Hire a builder recommended by someone you know and trust

One of the most common ways to find a builder that has proven they are trustworthy and skilled is by using someone a friend, family member or work colleague has recommended. While not completely foolproof, it is a way to find out about things like craftsmanship, professionalism, timekeeping, budget issues and so on. If they had a good experience with their build project they can pass that name on. If they have a nightmare story and names they warn about to stay away from that is also useful.

Think about staying local

When you are looking for a builder in say Gisborne, then look for a Gisborne builder! You are supporting your local businesses and economy and being closer to you means they are invested in you getting what you want and having a good experience. You can look online for local listings or look in more traditional places, local newsletters and papers, local phone books and so on.

Have some contact before you choose

It is a good idea when you have a list you like for a home builder Macedon Ranges or near you, to have some contact with each of them to get a feel for them and to find some information out. Ask about the experience they have, for references you can call, about project details to similar projects you have. If they are not direct and happy to answer all your questions cross them off your list. Make sure you contact the references they give you and ask them about the experience they had. A lot of people ask for references but then do not talk to them.

Invite a few for a consultation and a quote

When you have narrowed the list down some more you can then ask your three favourites for a consultation and a quote in writing. Try to get past the sales aspect of them being very friendly to you and down to any other questions you have. Are they licensed? Have they handled the project size before? How many years have they worked? Ask for a detailed quote that breaks down all the materials, work and so on.

Have a detailed contract

Whether you are hiring a Gisborne builder or a builder somewhere else, you should make sure the one you choose gives it all to you in a professional-looking detailed written contract. That way if there are any issues you have something you can fall back on as evidence of what was agreed.