Silver Jewelry – Why You Need It

woman wearing silver jewelry pieces

Silver jewelry pieces are always associated with being too expensive. Most of us have probably heard and used the “silver spoon” phrase at least once in our lives. But if you look deeper into that phrase, you will understand the value that comes with silver and why people who own high-quality silver … Read more

The Most Expensive Diamond Rings of All Time

a luxurious diamond ring

Diamond is one of the most sought-after gemstones when it comes to rings and other jewelry pieces. While all of them are mined from the Earth, not all diamonds are made equal. The rarest ones are those large in size or with extraordinary color and clarity. And if a diamond is rare, … Read more

Sterling Silver vs Silver: Which Jewelry Will Suit You Better?

Sterling Silver vs Silver

Shopping for high-quality jewelry can be tricky, especially if you’re unsure about what all of the terminologies mean. Many people don’t realize that there are very stark differences between sterling silver and silver. Knowing these differences can help you make an informed purchase or help you to care for the jewelry that … Read more