Who were the infamous Robber Barons

Who were the Infamous Robber Barons

“Robber baron” is a derogatory term that refers to anyone who acquires wealth through dishonest, exploitative, or unscrupulous means. Does this sound antiquated to you? It’s because this term rose to popularity especially during the 19th century in America. “Robber baron” was the disgruntled society’s critical response to certain wealthy people, particularly … Read more

Wealthiest U.S. Presidents

Wealthiest U.S. Presidents

Not all American presidents have lived in luxury, unlike what is commonly thought. The truth is, there are several former presidents who died in penury after leaving office (or even during their time in office). However, there are many US presidents who became wealthy through a variety of means. A few of them, … Read more

Richest Celebrities

richest celebrities

People either love them or hate them for their lavish lifestyles that most of us ordinary mortals can only dream of having. Nevertheless, we cannot help taking a look at how much these high-profile actors, singers, entertainment moguls, and models are worth. Here’s our list of some of the world’s richest celebrities: The … Read more