The 3 P’s Of Purpose-Driven Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is critical for the success of a company because a customer will always prefer a company that provides the best level of quality and client satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal customers, giving you an advantage over competitors and providing numerous benefits, increasing your marketability, and providing more prospects for business success.

A business should prioritize offering the finest service to its customers and for that, businesses are interacting with emerging trends and integrating new concepts into their customer service. For instance, Optimum is offering its customers online 24/7 support at and knowledge-based systems to help customers at all times at any point. It is all about going and working beyond the traditional way to deal with customers and incorporating the three essential P’s of customer service to boost sales.

The three P’s in purpose-driven customer service are:

  1. Product
  2. People
  3. Purpose


In purpose-driven customer service, the first P stands for the product. It is for the description and the attributes of the product that is being offered, which can be physical or servicing based. It is important to meet the expectations and needs of people by offering quality products, and proper documentation to excel in providing customers with great service. This is the first step to having a grip on being successful in the purpose of acquiring and satisfying customers. A large amount of data must be gathered and studied to make the most of it by achieving the goal of a successful product market.

The goal is achieved once the needs of customers are studied thoroughly and are provided with them the features that impact their satisfaction and loyalty. Selecting a target market is an important aspect of maximizing profitability, value, loyalty, and increased sales. For this, considering the information regarding the socioeconomic, ethnographic, psychological, and demographic is essential.

  • Attractive packaging, consistent branding, competitive and valuable pricing should be considered.
  • The product needs to be according to the needs and demands of customer.
  • After designing and developing the product, it is important to work on improving and refining them over time.
  • It results in boosting customers’ loyalty and ensures long-term brand success.


People are the second P of purpose-driven customer service. It is about employees who communicate with people. All the brands are from people, so it evolves around them. People exist making it possible for brands to survive so it is essential to understand people and their behavior and emotions. When a brand caters perfectly to the needs of people, they win their customers’ loyalty and create a great everlasting connection with them and vice versa. Hence, people are a very critical component when we talk about purpose-driven customer service.

When keeping the staff for customer service it is important to recruit the best ones as they are the ones who represent the brands. Passionate and hardworking individuals are essential for such posts who can deliver the finest customer experience. They create value for the brands as customers leave positive responses.

  • Investing in your customer service staff does pay off. With the help of training and assistance, they flourish and do better. This includes effective communication, teaching customer service, and strategies to deal with all sorts of customer service issues.
  • Rewarding, and empowering the workers on how to handle customers, creating a great environment, and satisfying them to the fullest boosts their confidence and increases their dedication.


The final P in purpose-driven customer service is for the purpose. It makes a huge impact on the employees and customers. The brand or company should have a proper and clear understanding of its mission. They should know their values and according to them and they should act accordingly. People today are seekers and have a desire for purpose and meaning and when it aligns with their needs it motivates them.

Focusing on people and products, it is equally important to have an eye on the purpose. It is the brand’s mission, value, and action so it should be authentic and make sure that their brand story incorporates their societal purpose in the best possible manner. It will connect people emotionally.

  • Apart from making profitability, it defines the reason for the brand to exist, and what it wants to achieve. They are indulged in creating a positive impact on the world.
  • When the purpose is the focus part, a brand creates a loyal customer base and benefits society. Social responsibility, ethical practices, and sustainability are prioritized.

Benefits of implementing 3 P’s

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Enhanced brand reputation
  • Increased revenue and profitability
  • Better decision making

Final Words

The three P’s of purpose-driven customer service try to create a positive impact on customers, employees, and the world. Only satisfying the bare minimum needs of people will eventually result in failure of business. However, dedication to innovation, sustainability, and ethical business practices will make your business a success. Focusing on product quality and customer service providers, this way customer loyalty is achieved. Implementing the three P’s helps the brand in achieving long-term success, a better reputation, and a positive impact on society.