The Most Expensive Streets in the World

For centuries certain streets have attracted the world’s richest folks. What makes a street that expensive? It may be the fantastic, peerless scenery, the proximity to upscale shopping and dining, or that the rich and famous may be residing there. Or all of these!

Check out some of the most expensive streets in the world here in this gallery, in random order:


The Avenue Montaigne is an upscale street located between the Champs-Elysees and the banks of the Seine river in Paris. This is where some of the fanciest shopping establishments are found as Avenue Montaigne boasts the high names in fashion including Christian Dior, Harry Winston, and Ferragamo. Besides the shops, some famous celebrities have taken up residence on this quarter, including the late Marlene Dietrich and the Canadian Embassy.


Exclusive and private, Switzerland’s Chemin de Ruth is the home of some of the world’s famous celebrities including former tennis player Henri Leconte and alpine skier Jean-Claude Killy, as well as the Pegeot clan. Unsurprisingly, the houses are gorgeous and astounding, many of them offering a splendid view of the Lake Geneva and UN buildings.


Fifth Avenue in New York is principally known for its line of high-end shops and boutiques such as the famous Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as the world-renowned structures such as the Empire State Building, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Rockefeller Center. You may also do some celebrity-spotting there. Actor Bill Murray and journalist Tom Brokaw are some of the street’s famous residents.


Close to the famous residence of the English monarchs, the Kensington Palace Gardens in London is rated as the second most expensive streets in the world, with a mind-boggling value of £69,900 (US$98,466.45) per square meter! Not surprisingly, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Kate, and their kids used to live there. Also residing there are UK-based Indian steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal and Tamara Ecclestone, the daughter of businessman Bernie Ecclestone.


Located in downtown Moscow, Russia, Ostonzhenka street has an average price of about US$29,000 per square meter, making it even more expensive than New York’s Fifth Avenue or Paris’ Avenue Motaigne. Tourists can also find several structures built during the Art Noveau era.

A five-floor apartment was once put up for sale valuing at $48 million, making it the most extravagant transaction that ever happened on Ostonzhenka. Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov a resident there.

 Paterson Hill

Facebook’s co-founder Eduardo Saverin is reported to be a resident of Paterson Hill in Singapore. It is the fifth most expensive street in the world with a value of US$42,000 (or $53,800 Singapore dollars). Of course, the street has a close proximity to the trendiest shopping and entertainment venues and other upscale amenities such as gyms and designer couture.

Pollock's Path, The Peak

Pollock’s Path, which perches on top of the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong,  takes the title of the most expensive street in the world, with a square meter worth US $120,000 (or $930,000 Hong Kong dollars). Tourists may visit the Peak Towers there, which offers plenty of upscale shopping, dining, and cafes as well as a 1404-foot viewing platform. In 2011 a property there was sold for over US $102 million (or $800 million Hong Kong dollars). Hong Kong actor Stephen Chow is one of the famous denizens of Pollock’s Path.

Romazzino Hill

Located on the Italian island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea is Romazzino Hill. Since the 1960s Romazzino Hill has been the favorite stomping ground for billionaires. It is popular with tourists who love the beach and golf.

Boulevard du General de Gaulle

Named after the famed French general, the Boulevard du General de Gaulle is one of the most popular streets among the rich and famous. Located along the Mediterranean coast, the Cote d’Azur, the Boulevard du General de Gaulle has an average price of US $79,000 per square meter. A lot of famous figures have called this street home from the past to present such as the late English actor David Niven and today’s power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.