Top 10 Cities Around World for Fine High Living

Finding lavish cities can be hard to find locally, which is why many of those that want to build their dream homes would seek land in other countries that have a higher cost of living and could suit their lifestyle.  Most of the expensive places where you can get your dream house are filled with skyscrapers and other urban architectures and structures, although there are some that look relatively peaceful and almost empty. Here are the top 10 expensive cities around the world for fine high living.

the city of London in the United Kingdom


Considered the most expensive country to live in during the 2010s, Singapore has a high cost of living despite being a relatively small country. The expensiveness of the city is often attributed to its economy, which is regarded as one of the best in Southeast Asia. The economy of Singapore is thriving thanks to its small size, as the government usually has an easier time managing the different areas and aspects of the country. Most of the jobs found in Singapore are high-paying, so you wouldn’t have to worry about maintaining your lifestyle there.

New York City, New York

When you think about expensive cities, the first city that will probably pop up in your mind is New York City, which is supposed to be the “model city” for lavishness or expensiveness. New York City is surrounded and filled with different high-rising skyscrapers, and most of the rich people living in the city own a condominium unit in those buildings. New York City has one of the highest costs of living in the United States, so living in the city would require you to get a high-paying job to pay for bills and fees.

Los Angeles, California

Another expensive country in the United States is Los Angeles, which is not as crowded as New York City but still has a high cost of living. Instead of skyscrapers, Los Angeles is surrounded by hills and lavish homes, so you will find the city more peaceful than New York. However, you wouldn’t be able to go to many places in the city without a car, as transportation around the city is pretty rare and expensive. If you want to live in this city, you should also keep in mind to buy your dream car to get you in many areas in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Hollywood


Geneva, Switzerland


Most people don’t know this, but Geneva is regarded as the second most expensive city in the world in the 2010s. The expensiveness of the city is hugely caused by its location, as it is near Lake Geneva, which is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. In addition, the locals in the city earn high wages, most likely due to the high demand for their jobs or services. The city is expensive even for tourists, as the prices for food and accommodation are usually pricier than in other parts of Switzerland.

Hong Kong

Despite being technically a part of China, the city of Hong Kong has its own economy, legal system, and currency. As such, the city works the same as Singapore, hence the reason why their economy is booming in just a few years after being a former British colony. Similar to Singapore, Hong Kong also has a high cost of living, so you may find food and accommodation to sometimes be too expensive in the city. However, the city is relatively peaceful, so it may be one of the best cities to live in around the world.

Luanda, Angola

Luanda may not look like an expensive city at first glance, but once you do a little bit of research on its economy, you will find out that the city is suitable for fine high living. The expensive stature of Luanda is brought by its oil industry, which collects plenty of income for the city to fund different infrastructures and services that can be used for their people. The locals that work in the oil industry actually get high wages, but they rarely live in expensive homes. If you want to live in this city, you will find it more peaceful than in New York or even in Los Angeles.

London, United Kingdom

Besides New York, the city that will often come to people’s minds when they think about expensive cities is London. True to many people’s guesses, London has a high cost of living, which means apartment rents can be very pricy if you don’t have a high-paying job. Furthermore, the food in the city is also quite expensive, but the good thing is most of the jobs you will find in London can pay high. Living in this city can be fun for many people, especially for those that want to regularly go to museums and art exhibits.

Oslo, Norway

Oslo, a city in Norway, is arguably one of the most expensive cities for tourists to go into, as everything that the city sells and offers has a hefty price tag. If the city is already expensive for tourists, then it may already be much pricier for locals and foreigners that want to live in it. Thankfully, the city is full of high-paying jobs, so you just need to work hard in order to sustain your lifestyle in Oslo.

Zurich, Switzerland

The second expensive city in Switzerland on the list is Zurich, which is not as expensive as Geneva but is much more desirable for people that want to live in rustic or medieval houses. Living in Zurich can be quite difficult for many, as it has a high cost of living that can only be afforded by those that are already rich or have saved enough money to get a house in the city and get a high-paying job. What you will find most enjoyable in Zurich is seeing the unique architecture of the houses and buildings that are truly a sight to behold.

Paris, France

The last, but definitely the least, city on the list is Paris, the location that is regarded by many people to be the dream tourist spot that they want to visit. Similar to Zurich, living in Paris can often be grueling, and you may find yourself struggling to keep your lifestyle in check once you live in the city for a few months. However, finding a decent job in Paris is relatively easy, although you will need to have a background in any of the jobs you want to apply to in order to be employed. After the struggle, you will be rewarded with the dazzling sights and sounds around the city that will truly make you feel like you are living the dream.

As mentioned a short while ago, living in this city requires hard work and dedication, as you would need to do your best in your business or job in order to sustain your fine lifestyle. Be prepared for almost anything and everything that may come your way to live in these expensive cities lavishly.