Top 6 Destinations to Travel In 2021

If you are an avid traveler and you are planning to explore new cultures, regions and meet new people in 2021, this article is a must read-read for you! Traveling is the best possible way to spend your yearly vacations. It brings you joy, increases your productivity by refreshing your soul and you learn to look beyond the horizon. The world is full of beauty and artistic landscapes and increased interest in traveling makes us want to explore the entire globe. Moreover, popular travel destinations have been technologized to facilitate travels such as Heli skiing British Columbia Canada. People look up more for the fun activities that they can enjoy in that country. Here are the top six travel destinations that you should consider visiting in 2021 to add up to your traveling experience:

Costa Rica

You might have popularly heard its name but not everybody has got a chance to explore it. The country is known for its scenic views, beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity. There are jungles that can let you explore the wildlife. Whether you need a calm, relaxing, sitting on a beach kind of destination or holidays full of thrills and adventure, you can have all in Costa Rica. Moreover, the country is working on to improve the tourism facilities for which they are planning to open up a cycling route or tours to chocolate factories. They have an amazing volcano national park which is worth visiting. Costa Rica is indeed a must-visit place for you! Apart from enjoying the destination, there are many health benefits of visiting such places. Mental health is enhanced, you feel relaxed and happy. People suffering from mental stress, undergoing any mental therapies, add treatment must visit such places for good.


The country has a rich regional history that dates back to WW2. Last year marked the 75th anniversary of the Second World War, which means a lot of activities and festivals to pay tribute to those that were martyred during the war. Krakow, one of the cities that survived after the destruction by Nazi-occupied Europe has a museum that involves all your five sense and let you revisit those brutal times. It is an experience that is enjoyable for people who are more interested in history. Besides, the country’s landscape and the culture itself is worth witnessing and experiencing.



One of the most affordable and less crowded European travel destinations. Although it is a famous tourist spot, you will find it very convenient and enjoyable because there are no crowds of tourists unlike in other popular tourist spots. The country is rich in indigenous music and food. River cruises, pastel-painted houses, and the most delicious seafood make it a perfect place for you to consider visiting.

United Arab Emirates

UAE is the destination where you can satisfy your wanderlust, facilitated by luxury. Dubai is the home to tallest buildings of the world while Abu Dhabi offers you to visit the picturesque Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Moreover, you can also enjoy the desert safari in Dubai and who can say no to shopping when there are grand shopping malls all over in Dubai and have almost all international brands under one roof.


It is a cheap travel destination for you particularly if your country’s currency is USD. It is less crowded and has an amazing blend of natural landscapes and architectural marvels. The inner walled city, Maiden tower, Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku or famous flame towers are surely a sight for sour eyes. Moreover, you can see the marvelous Yanar Dag, where a fire is known to be burning from the last 4000 years at the foot of a mountain. Azerbaijan surely has more to it if explored!


We all have seen the pictures of pyramids, know them as the wonder of the world but it is very seldom that we think to see them in real. Egypt is the most underrated travel destination and very few of us know that this land has a rich cultural history. They have unique customs and traditions. It offers you a luxurious Nile river cruise too. Moreover, the world’s largest archaeological museum will soon open its doors to the public which is more like to highlight Egypt a must-travel country on the world map. Book yourself a flight to Egypt instead to goggle for cheap flights to Brisbane and get a picture with one of the wonders of the world.

These destinations should be your next travel destinations as each one of them is unique in their way. They will soon become popular in 2021 and the years ahead as they have already started to gain attention. Before they get crowded, you should get going already!