Top Luxury Cosmetic Brands: Clé de Peau Beauté

Clé de PeauBeauté is a makeup and skincare brand owned by the Japanese-based company Shiseido. It was founded in 1982, and its name literally translates to The Key to Skin’s Beauty. Clé de PeauBeauté is a luxury brand that made its debut from Shiseido in 1982 and specializes in skincare and makeup products. Shiseido launched and then innovated the brand as part of its strategy to increase its global reach. Clé de PeauBeauté is intended to meet the increased demand for luxury goods in Asia, where the economy is expanding, giving rise to a greater middle-income sector and the “newly rich,” who are ready to invest in themselves and opt for high-end luxury products. Apart from the United States, Canada, and Japan, Clé de PeauBeauté is made available in Asia’s markets.

What is so unique about this brand?

Clé de PeauBeauté is considered one of the top cosmetic brands of Japans. It’s main focus and mission revolves around the unveiling power of female radiance and beauty from within. The brand’s products are based on a unique concept that Clé de PeauBeautécame up with itself. According to the brand manager, YupharetKetsakhorn, their work is derived from Intuitive Skin Theory, and benefits from Japan’s cutting-edge technology, along with the cultured French flair. It uses rare, top-grade elixirs and an exclusive ingredient called Illuminating Complex EX.The main idea is that when skin cells are nourished with the essential nutrients, the skin is revitalized and tends to remain in its healthy state for a longer amount of time. This allows the skin to be reinvigorated with a natural radiance and singularly clear complexion.

Coming towards Shiseido, the owner of Clé de PeauBeauté, we see thatShiseido is the oldest known luxury brand in the world. It also stands out as the fourth largest brand in the world. Currently, Shiseido has almost 25,000 outlets located in different countries worldwide.


Let us now look at a brief history of Shiseido Group. It was founded by Arinobu Fukuhara, in 1972, as Shiseido Pharmacy. After some time, he decided to add a soda fountain to his store. In the coming years, his business would evolve into the Shiseido Parlor restaurant. This, coincidentally, is also responsible for the introduction of ice cream in Japan.

In 1913, after his death, Fukuhara passed on the company to his son, ShinzoFukuhara. As the second president, Shinzo focused on gaining experience by visiting Europe and the United States and applying his knowledge to his own corporation. After his return, in 1917, Shinzo introduced the first skin powder with seven colors,which were officially marketed in Japan.

As its consumers grew in number and its product-quality started to be admired around the world, it formed a joint-stock company in 1927. Their first cosmetic product was born in 1932. De Luxe, the Shiseido representative, was considered one of the top-class brands of its time.

In the 1940s, after the Second World War, the consumption of luxury products was seen as both wasteful and extravagant. De Luxe’s production terminated since the people started opting for ordinary, cheap necessities instead of luxury products. Following these concerns, Shiseido started emphasizing on the patriotic, national elements, and health benefits of their cosmetic products. They largely started focusing on utilitarian advertisements rather than luxurious products. For example, their toothpaste ads were claimed as being healthy for gums and teeth, instead of making the teeth attractively white.

In the 1960s, Shiseido started participating in international marketing by developing products targeted for global buyers. By 1965, it had a division in America, by 1968, in Italy and by 1980, in both France and Germany.

In 1980, Shiseido’s first skincare line was established. Two years later, it would announce the formation of its world-famous Clé de Peau cosmetic brand. In 1988, Shiseido introduced a variation of its anti-ageing line. Given the continuing successes of its original products worldwide, Shiseido proceeded to introduce its sun-care line in 1993. It released several other lines in the ‘90s. In 1996, Clé de Peau’s successor Clé de PeauBeauté, took over as the most exquisite brand of the firm.

However, its leading line, The Skincare, revolutionized its career in 2000. Shiseido’s Skincare is a compound label consisting of products focusing on anti-aging and protective skin properties. Since the early 20th century, Shiseido has continued to prove itself as a role model for the cosmetic industry.