Totally Absurd Purchases by Rich People

It seems that rich people have run out of things they can do with their money, so they buy anything they fancy just because they could! Most of us mere mortals can only draw a sigh as we envy them, although we see a lot of their purchases as downright outrageous and impractical!

Bill Gates1. Bill Gates

The richest man in the world can obviously buy everything he fancies. He bought the Da Vinci Codex (also known as the Codex Leicester) on November 11, 1994, at Christie’s auction house in New York to the tune of $30 million. The Da Vinci Codex is a collection of Leonardo da Vinci’s scientific writings. Gates scanned the pages of these writings and turned them into wallpapers and screensavers for Windows 95.

Justin Bieber2. Justin Bieber

Canadian singer and heartthrob Justin Bieber reportedly spent $25,000 for a ruby-and-diamond studded necklace whose design was inspired by Stewie Griffin, a character from the Family Guy. The show’s creator Seth McFarlane appeared to be miffed, jokingly accusing Bieber of purchasing“bootleg merchandise” and added that the singer “should be prosecuted for it.” McFarlane further reacted at Bieber’s blingy purchase: “My only fear is that I’ll catch Bieber fever.”

 Lil Wayne3. Lil Wayne

It is normal that jewelry should be worn on and around appropriate body parts like the neck, the ring finger or the wrist. But for Lil Wayne, he has a different (and ridiculous) way of wearing it. How about installing some diamond bling to your teeth for a shiny smile? The hip-hop star spent a staggering amount — around $200,000 — just for that sparkly grin!

Donald Trump4. Donald Trump

President Donald Trump is known for his self-indulgent and excessive behavior, so it’s not shocking at all that he owns a Boeing 757 for a whopping $100 million. Unlike other presidential candidates who campaigned in rented jets, Trump jet-setted in his private plane. It comes with a Rolls-Royce engine, a glass cockpit, an entertainment system, a master bedroom, and 24-karat gold fixtures in the bathroom. Even the seat belts are plated with real gold!

5. George Lucas

As if owning a $100 million ranch isn’t enough, the creator of Star Wars also owns a fire station, with two fire trucks and employing 12 firefighters. In case his ranch goes up in flames, he won’t have to wait for the firefighters to arrive at the rescue.

 Lady Gaga6. Lady Gaga

Yes, she’s weird all right and we can take that since she’s an artist. But spending $50,000 for a gadget that keeps the ghosts away from her home? That’s waaaayyy too creepy!



Beyonce7. Beyonce

Beyonce may wear leggings like the rest of us. However, her own pair of leggings is no ordinary leggings. The sultry R&B star bought it from Balenciaga, but it’s not just the brand that made her leggings expensive. This particular pair of leggings was lined with honest-to-God real gold and it cost around $100,000! She wore the same golden leggings when she performed at the 2007 BET Awards.

Nicolas Cage8. Nicolas Cage

Not a lot of people know that the Oscar-winning actor has a predilection for the weird and the exotic. So it’s no surprise that Cage owns albino king cobras — which are extremely rare, by the way — and an octopus, to the tune of $275,000.

That’s not all. He even outbid fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio at an auction to purchase a 67-million-year-old skull of the Tyrannosaurus bataar dinosaur for $276,000. However, he wasn’t aware that the skull had been illegally smuggled into the US, and in 2015 Cage agreed to return his purchase to Mongolia, where the fossil originated.

9. Carlos Slim

Collecting very expensive paintings is no big deal for billionaires, but here its not the painting but a whole museum that is owned by Carlos Slim in Mexico. With a worth of $800 million, this six-story museum is made of metal, with no windows and consists of more than 65,000 art pieces including some of the famous and legendary collection from Europe and Mexico.

10. Steve Cohen

You must have seen rich people having their own fish tanks but here’s a different story. Steve Cohen in 2004 bought a 14-foot tiger shark. The shark is preserved in alcohol and formaldehyde. The shark was first purchased in 1992 by an Art Moghul Charles Saatchi for $93,000 and was known as “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living”. After twelve years, Cohen bought this however the amount is yet to remain undisclosed but somewhere in between $8 million and $12 million.