4 Realtor Postcards Every Real Estate Agent Must Have

The real estate market is on fire these days! Whether you’ve been in the business for decades or are a brand new agent, you know there are listings to be had, but you need to find ways to stand out from the crowd, even in a hot market.

If you’re a go-getter looking to expand your business, you can’t just lie back and rely on customers finding you. Sure, digital listings make you available to customers who want to do their research, but direct mail is how you can reach people before they even know they want to buy, sell, or recommend a home to their friends.

Realtor postcards are an essential tool for gaining new clients. The first four types you’ll want to start sending out are:

1. Agent Introduction Postcards

It’s a must if you’re a brand new agent but also crucial if you’ve joined a new agency, are looking to expand to a new neighborhood, or even if it’s been a while and you want to make sure residents know you’re available. Reinvigorate your career by bringing some newcomer zeal back to your marketing.

Introductory postcards should include photos of you, your listings, and customer reviews. They should be colorful, easy to read, and pleasingly designed. You want prospective clients to put these up on the fridge.

2. Just Listed Postcards

These realtor postcards serve multiple purposes. The first, of course, is to get a particular house or house sold as quickly as possible, and they are very effective for that. But their secondary effects may be even more profitable in the long term, as they let people know that you’re not just an active agent with listings but a driven, engaged realtor they can call for all their future buying and selling needs.

For this reason, your Just Listed cards should include a message to potential sellers and potential buyers. The focus should be on the new listing itself, with enticing photos and memorable details. Creative calls to action are a nice touch, such as a warm, neighborly invitation to an open house that feels more like a local get-together than a sales pitch.

3. Just Sold Postcards

While investing in showing off a listing no longer on the market may seem odd, this is a popular and productive type of realtor postcard. It’s a bit of fact-based self-promotion that lets residents of your target area know that homes are selling fast and that you are the agent to get it done.

Just Sold cards should focus on what you did to make the sale successful. These cards are about marketing your services, not an individual product.

4. Expired Listing Postcards

If you are a problem solver who likes to take on a challenge, picking up expired listings is an effective way to expand your business.

This type of realtor card will often express sympathy for the seller, and connecting is important, but the main point is that you are the hero they need.

Get Your Realtor Postcards Out Today!

Hard copy marketing will make you stand out. If you have any space in your schedule for new listings, reach out to prospective clients today with eye-catching, persuasive realtor postcards.