5 Cities You Must Visit In Australia

Travelling makes us richer because it’s an experience that creates everlasting memories. Each travel is unique in its own way and each has a story to tell. Apart from making memories, we make new friends, meet new people, and learn about different cultures. In order to have a really unforgettable trip, you need to know which places to visit and what to do there.

If Australia is your next destination, there are literally thousands of places you can visit. From natural sites to attractions, to monuments, to national parks, you choose. However, if you are going on a 10-day-long trip, it’s impossible to tour across the entire island. Therefore, you should cut down the list of want-to-visit-places and focus on those who have the most to show, which means – the cities. And, here are the 5 cities you must when going to Australia.

1.   Sydney

If you are staying at a boutique hotel Sydney, you will understand why this city is always first on the list. Being as perfect as a city can be, Sydney has a lot to offer. This modern and history-rich city is mainly defined by its harbour along which the aborigines lived for thousands of years. Now, it’s used for the ferries that take tourists on a cruise by the famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Apart from these two, there are lots of other places such as theatres, cinemas, museums, national parks, and beaches you can visit in Sydney. Here are the top tourist attractions you should visit:

  • Bondi Beach
  • Queen Victoria Building
  • Sydney Tower
  • Darling Harbour
  • Royal Botanic Gardens
  • The Rocks
  • Australian National Maritime Museum
  • Taronga Zoo

2.   Melbourne

This cosmopolitan city is considered as Australia’s capital of culture. This is because there are a lot of amazing museums, art galleries, and an active music scene. So, if you are in some of the hotels Melbourne CBD, you will never get bored.

What makes Melbourne so special is its high quality of life, which attracted and still attracts people from other countries looking for a better life. As a result of this multicultural diversity, Melbourne has a delicious, rich cuisine and one-of-a-kind neighbourhoods that make it an amazing place for exploring. Nonetheless, there are many tourist attractions you can visit, including:

  • Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Queen Victoria Market
  • Eureka Tower
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • National Gallery of Victoria
  • Federation Square
  • Melbourne Zoo
  • Hosier Lane
  • Fitzroy Gardens
  • Royal Exhibition Building

3.   Brisbane

Tourists love Brisbane because it’s a dynamic and vivid place that has sun all year round. Being located in the Sunshine State, there are a lot of great resorts and beaches you can visit. Due to the sunny and warm weather, outdoor sports are very popular in this city. Hence, you can choose between climbing, hiking, biking or other activities if you want to spend your day actively and enjoy the weather.

Apart from its good weather, tourists like Brisbane because it’s friendly and interesting. It also has lots of great bars and restaurants you can choose from. Plus, it has a lively music scene which made it one of the world’s capitals of music. So, you can find many venues in Brisbane where you can watch a fantastic show.

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4.  Perth

The next city on the list is the capital of Western Australia. Although pretty isolated from the rest of the cities, Perth is one of the best cities for living in the world. This is because of its relaxed vibe, many services, and incredible cultural sites. Namely, there are many great museums and shops you can visit, and cafes, bars, and restaurants you can enjoy at.

Apart from its numerous services and cultural sites, Perth also has mesmerizing beaches and hot weather. So, you can choose among Scarborough Beach, City Beach, Port Beach, Trigg Beach, Swanbourne Beach and many others, to spend your day peacefully, under the sun.

5.  Cairns

You might not have heard of this city, because it’s not popular as the previous four. Nonetheless, it’s equally worth visiting it. Although there isn’t much to see in this city, there are still some excellent bars, restaurants, and shops that people visit in their free time. Moreover, there are great beaches with turquoise waters surrounded by rainforests, which make up for the lack of amusement.

Cairns is also a gateway to the famous Great Barrier Reef. Apart from the reef, there are plenty of incredible natural sights near. So, you can visit Daintree National Park and the Wet Tropics of Queensland and enjoy the breath-taking nature and sights.

If you have to choose which places to visit in Australia, you should definitely consider these 5 cities. It’s because each of them has a lot to offer. So, you can choose among natural sites, incredible beaches, and great cultural attractions.