Around the world slot themes

Among the thousands of online Slots to enjoy, there are plenty of different themes. You have more traditional fruit and Irish themes but also the more obscure such as superheroes and game shows. One thing you can be sure of is finding an online slot game that you can enjoy here: Read on as we go around the world in five games.

Polynesia – Tiki Treasures Megaways

The region of Polynesia sits within Oceania and is made up from thousands of islands scattered across the Pacific Ocean. Tiki is part of Māori mythology and the first man created by Tūmatauenga or Tāne, a storyline which is similar to Adam and Eve.

Throughout generations of storytelling, a Tiki has also become known as a large wooden or stone carving usually found in the form of a mask. In this slot game, various Tiki masks represent alternative symbols including scatters. With an RTP of over 95% and a jackpot prize up for grabs, this slot is a great opportunity to win some big money!

Middle East – Persian Glory

Ancient Persia or the Persian Empire refers to the dynasties that were around in the Middle East, including the country now known as Iran. Persians loved displaying their wealth, so you’ll find lots of graphics in this slot including treasure chests and noble warriors.

This slot offers an RTP of 94.32% but there are no free spins to win. Not to worry though, this premium slot comes with a progressive jackpot and a shield symbol that offers a top prize of 80 times your stake.

European – Ave Caesar

One of history’s most influential figures is Julius Caesar. A Roman dictator who was a key figure in the rise of the Roman Empire which spanned throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Famous for many inspiring quotes, but a favourite is “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

In the slot game Ave Caesar, you will find five reels with 20 pay lines and four different bonus rounds. These bonuses can win you instant prizes, free spins or multiply your winning bet. There is also a jackpot to win which can be triggered on any spin so be sure to check it out.

Asia – Japanese Mystery

Heading east you will find Japan. The host nation of the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Olympic Games, Japan has a rich history filled with exotic foods and traditions. This slot game positions you at the water’s edge, peering into the distance. There are five reels and 10 pay lines, but if you land five matching symbols along a pay line you can win a prize of up to 500 times your line stake!

South America – Rumble in the Jungle

There’s nothing quite like the jungles of South America. The Amazon rainforest is the best-known and spans for millions of miles containing over 10 million species. This slot gives you a glimpse of what views you can see from the treetops, whilst spinning five reels.

The game has an RTP of 95% and a life-changing jackpot which you can win on any spin. This colourful slot includes wild symbols, bonus games and free spins.