Best Men’s Exotic Skin Shoe Brands in 2020

Why should a man own a pair of exotic shoes? There are four reasons why you should own a pair from the best exotic shoe brands.

First of all, they look great. It incorporates a classy and sophisticated look into any ensemble. Because these shoes are made of exotic skin, every pair offers a unique, bold look, luxury, and style.

Aside from that, these shoes are comfortable for exotic leather and feel great when worn. Moreover, they’re one of a kind for exotic leather shoe features and accentuates the grain’s unique qualities derived from its source animal. These shoes also serve as an investment in your wardrobe, for they are timeless and undeniably durable.

If you want to know where you can get a pair for yourself, here’s a list of the best men’s exotic skin shoe brands in 2020:

1.  Ascot Shoes, Hungary

Karl Chu founded Ascot Shoes, and it also represents Laszlo Vass in the United Kingdom. But this brand differentiates itself from Vass because they specialize in exotic skins.

They operate in Savile Row boutique while the shoes are manufactured in Vass Hungarian workshop. You will notice that the shoes they make often feature distinctive ornaments such as split toes and moccasin stitching.

Moreover, one of the best things about buying from Ascot Shoes is that they offer a made-to-order service where you can design your own shoes alongside Karl or one of his assistants. Wouldn’t it be great to get a personalized pair of exotic skin shoes?

2.  Carmina Shoes, Mallorca

Carmina Shoes is the brainchild of six generations of shoemakers. It was founded way back in 1997 by Jose Albaladejo. Their first factories specialized in Goodyear welted shoes.

Nowadays, Carmina manufactures refined Goodyear welted shoes from its Inca factory. Besides that, they also offer made-to-order custom shoes in a wide range of animal skins (alligators, lizards, etc.), which are one of your excellent choices if you are looking for exotic skin shoes.

3.  Belvedere Shoes, Italy

Belvedere Shoes was founded by a Florence native named Stefano Giovacchini or more popular as the “Gator Man.” This brand specializes purely in ready-to-wear exotic skin shoes.

They have a wide selection of hides, including alligators, eels, sharks, stingrays, and many more. One more thing that is good about their shoes is that they are offered at extremely competitive prices. Belvedere Shoes is the right choice if you are looking for premium exotic skins for an affordable price.

4.  Altan Bottier, Italy

Altan Bottier was founded by a Turkish artisan named Sukru Senzolu. He had been training to make shoes at only eleven years old. So, if you are looking for expertise, then Altan Bottier surely has several years of that.

Altan Bottier offers a wide selection of exotic shoes that ranges from as little as 720€ to over 6,000€. Even if they seem expensive, they are definitely worth every single buck that you will be spending.

Buy Only From the Best

Now that you know the best exotic skin shoe brands in 2020, the only step left for you to do is to make your choice. Remember always to consider your preferences. Happy shopping!