No Waves, No Glory: 5 of the Best Surf Spots in the US

There’s nothing better than spending the day at the beach, playing in the waves. If you can’t resist the call of an ocean rollercoaster ride, then you need to check out the 5 best surf spots in the US. Grab your board; we’re hanging ten.

1. Cocoa Beach, Florida

Cocoa Beach is one of the most famous surf destinations in the country. With temperate weather year-round and many different surf spots, there’s no wonder this is a popular spot.

This is also an excellent beach for beginner surfers because of the consistent and gentle 3 to 5 feet high waves. There is a vibrant surf culture, a pier, and the famous surf shop Ron Jon Surf Shop. Friendly locals make learning to surf here a calming and fun experience.

2. Sea Isle, New Jersey

With a coastline dotted with jetties, some great east coast waves are a staple of Sea Isle, New Jersey. With many surf spots up and down the shoreline, you’ll have no difficulty finding a spot to hang ten.

A lot of the East Coast is known for harsh waves, but the coast of New Jersey boasts water that surfers of all experiences levels can enjoy. There’s an expansive beachfront and multiple surf shops to enjoy.

3. Rincon, Santa Barbara, California

The California coast offers a ton of amazing surfing locations. Coastal towns like Malibu, Huntington Beach, and Manhattan Beach are great places to spend time by the ocean. They’re all within driving distance to each other.

So whether you’re living in the best neighborhood in Manhattan Beach or a surf shack in Malibu, you’re never too far from a great swell. Rincon in Santa Barbara is known for having the best point breaks, allowing the waves to roll on much longer than most locations.

4. The North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii has some of the most amazing surfing in the entire world, making it a surf destination for many. Breakpoint and Sunset Beach are ideal for experienced surfers because of the regular 50-foot waves, even in the winter months. Down the shoreline, Puena Point has smaller waves that are great for beginner surfers who want to conquer Hawaii’s North Shore.

Hawaii beaches can be crowded because of the hot weather year-round. However, it’s busiest from October to March. The largest waves are usually in December and January.

5. Rhode Island

Small but mighty is how to describe Rhode Island. It makes up for its small stature with a large surf culture and beaches that don’t get too crowded. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the waves Rhode Island’s picturesque seaside towns can provide.

The Rhode Island shoreline has many reef breaks that allow for consistent year-round waves. Popular locations like Dickies and Atlantic Beach are perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers. And if you’re adventurous, hurricane season can provide huge swells.

These Surf Spots Are Your Next Vacation

Whether you’re planning to trip to the best surf spots in the US or want to learn to surf while on vacation, these 5 places are the best spots to catch a wave. What water sport are you going to try?

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