Gold Dress, What Shoe Color?

Gold dresses and skirts, whether glittery or matte, are festive, one-of-a-kind, and ideal for New Year’s Eve, bridal parties, and formal events. A gold dress is an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. For events, gold sequin dresses are a popular choice, especially during the holidays and beyond. A gold outfit sticks out in a crowd like nothing else. They are elegant and playful, and they catch the light so beautifully that you can’t help but shine. However, a dress isn’t complete without the appropriate footwear. The problem with a gold dress is that it’s tough to match shoes and other accessories because of the color.

Few people get it right when it comes to matching shoes and outfits. You’ll feel like a celebrity strolling down a red carpet premiere if you wear the appropriate color shoes. This makes us worry what will happen to us when we put on the gold gown for a special occasion. But what color shoes should you wear with a gold gown?

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5 Gorgeous Options for What Color Shoes to Wear with a Gold Dress

1. Black Shoes


You’re unlikely to miss out on the current fashion trend of black shoes. A pair of black heels is ideal for wearing with a gold sequin dress. You can choose between a high or mid-heel black shoe to complement your outfit. They’ll assist to ground the glittering dress and give it a more polished appearance, making it ideal for a formal occasion.

Choose stiletto shoes with thin straps so the black hue doesn’t detract too much from your dress. Your legs will look seductive and classy thanks to the black high heel. Because the gold and black combination is so popular, you have nothing to worry from this daring combination.

2. White Shoes

White shoes are also a good choice for wearing with a gold sequin dress. They’ll aid to anchor your ensemble and bring out your skin tone’s color. The dilemma presented by white high heels is intriguing. It’s entirely up to you whether the shoes are shiny or matte. Shiny shoes will catch the light, whilst matte shoes will blend into the background, allowing the rest of your outfit to stand alone. In either case, the white will enhance your dress’s gold and offer you the boost of confidence you need on a night out.

If you want to seem classy, white shoes are a great choice. Aside from white high heels, you can match your look with a short gold dress and another white shoe. If you wish to wear white shoes, those with a lot of white skin should do so.

3. Gold Shoes

Gold shoes look wonderful with gold, particularly if you’re wearing a fancy outfit. Gold shoes combine perfectly with a gold dress for a beautiful look. It provides you a chic and sophisticated look, but you should spice it up by accessorizing with other gold-toned pieces. Gold high-heels can be worn with long or short gold gowns. You might select a pair of matte gold shoes to match with a longer dress or one that has a matte tone instead of a shine.

Because gold heels are great for a variety of situations, it’s best to pick ones that complement your ensemble while still providing a touch of glitz. Wearing additional accessories like as chandelier earrings and bracelets, on the other hand, would give you a more stylish and trendy look. As a general rule, match your purse to the lightest or darkest shade of your clothing. A bronze handbag is a delightful alternative if your dress is light and/or pale gold. Black clutches, on the other hand, will never go out of style. 

4. Silver Shoes

Silver shoes are the perfect way to go when you’re wearing a golden dress to a night out or a special event, or if you’re going to spend the evening rocking a metal tone. With two-tone metallic dresses or gold frocks with silver/crystal embellishments, silver shoes with gold dresses look finest. When paired with your dress from top to bottom, silver shoes have a unique style that may offer you a classy appeal.

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However, wearing a pair of silver shoes with a very golden gold dress, for example, isn’t going to look very cute. Your silver shoes, on the other hand, will make you look like a rock star if your gold dress has a cooler tone with hints of silver or some silver details. In this case, silver shoes are challenging because, while they have the ability to appear stylish and beautiful, they can also look completely wrong.

5. Red Shoes

Red Shoes

Red is a strong and dramatic color that draws attention to your ensemble, but you may soften it by pairing it with a different-colored item. A gold gown paired with either burgundy or bright red heels will be gorgeous and unexpected. The combination of red and gold is just gorgeous. The mix adds an element of surprise and intrigue, causing observers to take a second look. As if your gold gown wasn’t enough to catch people’s attention, your crimson shoes will either hold their gaze or entice them to return for more.

If you prefer red heels, sky-high design, and high heels, high-heeled gold dresses are a great option. Bright red shoes look fantastic with gold outfits that have a strong yellow undertone. A softer, more muted gold, on the other hand, looks terrific with a darker red shoe. Even maroon or burgundy colors may dress up a gold gown to the nines.

When styling gold outfits and dresses, a basic fashion rule is to use the other main color displayed as an appropriate accessories match. A true outfit is made up of more than just a dress and a pair of shoes, as many of us in the fashion industry know. If your gold dress is entirely gold, contrast with black, white, or red in your shoes or match them with the same gold shoe.