Interesting Facts About Marijuana You Probably Didn’t Know About

Marijuana, also known commonly as weed, is one of the most popular recreational substances used across the globe. There are many health benefits that also make it a valid prescription drug to counter and remedy the effects of chronic pain and mental health disorders. Since the main ingredient is a cannabinoid, they have also been extensively used in research trying to prove its efficacy in battling various stages of cancer.

THC and CBD are two of the cannabinoids derived from the strains of marijuana, which have three popular heritages known as Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. These days, cross-breeding marijuana to get a wide range of strains with different potency, aromas and effects are prevalent. You may also be familiar with the effects of Sativa and Indica dominant strains. But there are some surprising facts that you may yet not be aware of.

Read on to know all about them.

Beer and marijuana are cousins!

It is not a popular fact, but the hops that make your beer are the cousins of marijuana since they come from the same family of flowering plants.

The first online transaction to be bought and sold was weed

It could be assumed that the origin of e-shopping could have arisen due to fashion or fast-moving goods, but surprisingly, the maiden e-commerce purchase and sale transaction was that of weed. The lucky people who went down in history for selling a product online first were Stanford students in 1971. That being said, the online transaction was used to arrange a meeting between the parties and hence is still debated. Today, weed can be home delivered across cities and countries by vendors like jackpot dc; we have come a long way from the first online transaction to a sophisticated system!

Icelanders are the largest consumers of marijuana

Iceland sure loves their blunt and it shows in the statistics too! Many people would easily assume that either Jamaica or Netherlands could be the country to have the highest community percentage consuming weed, but the crown goes to Iceland. Around 18% of the country’s population reportedly uses cannabis products.

Weed and chocolate both give a similar high

Out of weed but need to get a hit? Researchers have found that eating chocolate gives you the same kind of high as marijuana. Scans found the same regions of the brain lighting up as a reaction to both weed and chocolate.

Marijuana is one of the safer and less addictive substances

Research has shown that smoking and alcohol are much more harmful than weed. It can also be noted that the addiction rate with a cigarette is 90%. Interestingly, coffee is more addictive than marijuana.

You cannot die of a marijuana overdose

While many weed smokers might get a heavy headache if they overdo it, but it’s practically impossible to overdose on marijuana since you would need to smoke about 680 Kg of it in 15 minutes for that to happen!

We hope these interesting marijuana facts made you ponder over something new. It’s always great to learn trivia that is not common knowledge since they make a cool conversation starter at parties!