Most Expensive Neighborhoods in the World

Investing in a wealthy neighborhood may be expensive, but it certainly pays off. The parts of the world’s most popular cities that come with the highest real estate prices are always in demand, which is why investing in one of them may be the right thing to do. And there are a couple of reasons for it. An expensive part of a city justifies the prices giving the residents more than other neighborhoods – better schools, quality homes, a safer environment, and more. Luxury homes in those areas are always in demand, no matter the price, so much investment boasts better property values. The neighborhood itself rises the value of the properties, making them more attractive among serious buyers. For that reason, we’ve compared real estate markets worldwide and got to the list of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world. Who knows, one of them may be your next home?

TriBeCa, New York

NYC is surely one of the most expensive cities in the world. Buying or renting a home here will cost you more than most of the places in the country, and one neighborhood is at the top of the list. With a population of about 20,000, Tribeca is a place popular among families and young professionals looking for the highest-quality lifestyle in New York. This prominent Manhattan neighborhood offers homes at an average price of about $4 million, and it’s surely one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world.

Knightsbridge, London

The capital of the UK is generally an expensive place to be, but this lovely neighborhood tops all the real estate prices. Knightsbridge is an exclusive neighborhood reserved for London’s wealthiest residents who search for a secure, quality area of the city to live and raise their kids. It’s home to many of London’s finest restaurants and bars, and people also love it for its location – next to Hyde Park. The neighborhood is known for its expensive Victorian home, lots of greenery, and one of the most popular department stores in the world – Harrods.

The Peak, Hong Kong

The peak is known as home to the wealthiest Hong Kong residents for a long time, and it still holds the title of one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world. The homes are often bought by both Chinese and worldwide celebrities, billionaires, and other prominent rich people. Probably the most special feature of this part of the world is the view – most homes have a beautiful view of the harbor and the city itself. The Peak is truly a secluded luxury high above the city that helps the residents enjoy the privacy and exclusiveness of their homes. The area is pretty much residential, but you’ll find everything you need within just a short drive.

aerial view of hong kong

The view from above – Hong King’s exclusive neighborhood.

Atherton, California

This part of San Mateo county surely holds the first spot in the list of the most luxurious and expensive California neighborhoods. Located between San Francisco and San Jose, Atherton is home to the wealthiest people in this part of the country and has a population of about 7,000. Its residents enjoy privacy, amazing location, walkability, and safety, and these are the main reasons to move to this lovely town. Royal Moving Company advises clients who are moving to such an exclusive area to carefully consider the reliability of their moving team. Expensive homes and valuable belongings require the utmost care, so be sure to do research on quality moving companies, especially the ones that have experience in this part of California.

Paterson Hill, Singapore

There are plenty of high-priced locations in Singapore, but Paterson Hill is something special. This street seems to include some of the most expensive lux apartments in Singapore, particularly in the Marq condominium complex. Luxury properties on this address boast amazing panoramic views of the Orchard Road skyline and exclusive facilities such as a lap pool. When it comes to prices, a unit can cost up to a whopping $20 million, making this one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world.

Ostozhenka, Moscow

This high-class Moscow area is attracting celebrities and notable residents with its magical architecture, historic vibe, and overall exclusivity. Homes here tell a history lesson and you can find both modern and classic properties that build a truly unique landscape. Properties vary in price, yet many of them are priced over $5 million. The fact that this neighborhood is adjacent to the Moscow River makes its location even better, even though this is practically the center of this amazing city.

Moscow river

River views and exclusive homes – the heart of Moscow.


Avenue Montagne, Paris

Avenue Montagne is often included in Paris’s top lists of rich and exclusive neighborhoods, and it’s often a common choice by the elite. The 8th arrondissement is a rather rich and sophisticated part of the city, and Avenue Montagne is its most stylish example. The home to exclusive restaurants and high-end boutiques, this street offers both residential and commercial properties with the process going up to $22,000 per square meter.

Most Expensive Neighborhoods in the World (2)

Port Royal, Florida

This stunning neighborhood in Naples, Florida is surely one of the most attractive, but also most expensive locations in the world. The major reason why properties are highly-priced is the exclusive location – Port Royal is located right on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the properties here are quite large and have direct access to the beach, which is something you often can’t put a price on. This area is surely a definition of luxury and it is home to elite and rich residents from all over the world.

Investing in a luxury property

Knowing the location of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world is not only valuable for those looking for smart real estate investment. This information is useful for those running a business, whose target customer lives above the average and enjoys a home in an exclusive location. The location is an essential factor in any business’ success, so be sure to pick wisely and be closer to your potential customers in every way possible.