Packing For A River Cruise – What Should You Leave At Home

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Packing for a river cruise is interesting. It’s unlike packing for a regular trip, because chances are you’ll need to take things for various climates, and there are some things that you just must get. However, something that many people tend to do is overpack, and get things that you shouldn’t be taking with you.

So, what are things that you should leave at home? Do you take everything you think you may need, or do you leave some things at home because they’re unnecessary, or straight up forbidden? Well, join us as we take a look at things you should leave at home when packing for a river cruise, whether you’re visiting the Kelimutu volcano, or going down the Amazon.

Leave the booze

Most of the river cruises actually rely on alcohol sales for a pretty big part of their income. Therefore, there is a pretty big chance that any alcohol you try to bring on board will be either held hostage for the duration of the trip, or discarded of completely. There is a pretty slim chance that you may be allowed to bring a bottle of wine, but better be safe than sorry.

An iron isn’t allowed

A few years ago, smuggling a clothes iron in your suitcase was something that many people resorted to. After all, nobody wants to go out on a formal dinner with a wrinkled shirt, right? Well, iron is actually a fire hazard, so it makes perfect sense that they’re not allowed in your rooms.

There are alternatives, though. A popular one is a wrinkle release spray, which is a small spray you can take along with you and use to keep your clothes wrinkle free. Another option is to pay a few bucks and have the ship’s laundry press your clothes for you – this way you’ll know they’re done right and you won’t waste time on them. Last but not least, there are some cruise lines that have self-service facilities that come complete with a washer, dryer, iron and ironing board.

An extension cord is also a fire hazard

Not too long ago, if you had an extension cord with multiple sockets, that was an easy way to make friends. It was also a good way to make sure that even with one outlet in the room, you can keep all your devices charged. However, in the past few years, extension cords are a major no.

Most ships will let you know that they will be unplugged if an attendant sees it in your room. Others might ask you not to use it, or even confiscate it until the end of the trip. The good thing is that most ships now come with multiple sockets, and even USB ports, so you don’t really need an extension cord.

The brand new shoes you just bought might not be a smart idea

Nothing is worse than having blisters on your sore, tired feet when you still have quite a lot of walking to do ahead. And there isn’t a better way of getting blisters than by wearing brand new shoes. We get it – they’re new and you want to show off. But if you’ll be walking around quite a bit, worn-in shoes are a much better idea.

Jewellery tends to get stolen more often than not

Regardless of where you’re cruising, you might think that you should bring a bit of jewelry in order to look nicer. Whether it’s for the formal night on the ship itself, or for one of the parties on shore, you might want to leave the expensive stuff at home. Yes, most ships will give you a safe in your room, but that won’t prevent you from being careless, or someone from doing a grab and run on the streets. For a careless river cruise, leave your valuable stuff at home if you don’t want to think about where you left it the last time.

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Leave the skinny, slim-fit clothes at home

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first or the tenth cruise you’re on. There’s a pretty big chance that you’ll gain a couple of pounds while you’re on the cruise. You will eat good food, and you’ll want to enjoy it as much as possible.

However, after a few days of such eating, chances are those skin-tight jeans you have in your suitcase will leave you gasping for air. Therefore, it would be a good idea to get looser clothes which have a bit of wiggle room.

Wrapping things up

Whether it’s items that are explicitly forbidden or just ones that aren’t a good idea, there are things that are better left at home when you’re embarking on a river cruise. We hope that the list above gave you a good idea of what to take, and what not to when you’re about to enjoy a few days on a boat!