The Dummies Guide to Luxury Camping

Camping isn’t exactly famed for its luxurious nature, in fact, many campers love the outdoor lifestyle simply because it’s beautifully uncomplicated, fun and rustic. That being said, there are a few ways to upgrade that upcoming camping trip of yours and make it feel that little bit more like a luxurious experience in the great outdoors. Follow this guide to enhancing the luxe factor of your next outdoor adventure…

Finding the Right Area

First thing’s first, you’ll need to dive into your research to find the right camping spot for you and your fellow campers! The location that you choose is going to make all the difference to the feeling of and experiences within your upcoming adventure. Look for luxurious amenities and plenty of beautiful natural features to explore the area that you’ve decided on. A few camp site luxuries include camp kitchens, hot showers, water features and seasonal fire pits. These extras might not seem like much, but when combined they really do make all the difference when you’re looking to elevate your camping experience.

Invest in Your Equipment

Next, bringing the right kind of equipment with you on your adventures will increase the comfort, convenience, safety and fun factor of your trip to no end! A camper trailer is the number one bit of kit you should look at investing in if you’re looking for endless memorable camping trips that provide you with every creature comfort you could possibly need. Look for hard floor camper trailer models, which will include Forward Folds, Rear Folds Dual Folds. All of these sit above the ground, with a hard floor interior that will have you feeling like you’re tucked away in your own serene home away from home! What more could you ask for, really? For the full luxury experience, you might want to set your sights on the Dual Fold model category. These give you the room and storage capacity of a full size caravan whilst still maintaining the comfort and convenience that camper trailers are revered for. A camper trailer will guarantee that you have a tranquil, luxurious getaway, no matter where it is that you’re heading off to or what time of year it might be.

Plan an Itinerary

Plan an Itinerary

Leisurely and luxurious camping trips require some careful planning in order to be enjoyed to their fullest. Proper preparedness really is key to any kind of trip you’re planning, and in order to lift your camping experience and fully melt into a relaxed, leisurely lifestyle for a couple of days, you’ll need to put a little work in before you hit the road. If you’re planning a long haul camping trip then you should really sit down and map out where you plan on driving, different sights you’d like to see along the way and locations that you’re interested in visiting. Planning can make or break a trip, and in order to have the most fuss free and luxurious time possible, you’ll need to put some work into an itinerary.

Prepare Meal Times

Lastly, ensure that you’re packing and preparing plenty of lovely delicious food to tuck into whilst you’re enjoying your time out at the campground. You can be as creative as you like here! Why not take the opportunity to try out a few new recipes to widen your culinary horizons? A new environment is the perfect setting for some fresh gourmet adventures. Pre-chop your ingredients and decant your cooking essentials to keep meal times as fuss free and enjoyable as possible.

Are you ready to start planning your luxurious camping trip?