Spotless, Shiny, and Clean: How to Use an Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Are you sick and tired of dirty jewelry but don’t have the time, energy, or money to constantly keep it clean by running to the jeweler? If so, you should consider investing in your own ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.  These devices are affordable and functional, not to mention easy to use.   Keep reading to learn more about how to use your own ultrasonic jewelry cleaner at home and keep your jewelry sparkling like the stars.

Using an Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner at Home

Using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner at home is just as easy as filling the machine with the right solution, dropping your jewelry in, and waiting for the end result.

But, what type of solution do you need? And, what is the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for your needs? Besides that, why should you invest in an ultrasonic cleaner when you could use a steam cleaner?

Let’s dive into the basics of keeping your jewelry clean so you can keep wearing it without embarrassment.

What Type of Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Solution Do You Need?

Some users simply use hot water to clean their jewelry in their ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Others suggest using a teaspoon of ammonia and a couple of drops of dish soap. Either way is fine as the magic happens in the ultrasonic cleaner itself.

An ultrasonic cleaner uses ultrasound waves to remove the dirt from your jewelry. You’ll simply place your jewelry in the designated tank filled with your preferred solution and the cleaner will do the rest via vibrations produced through the liquid.

Your preferred solution should be based on the type and amount of dirt you wish to remove. For example, if your jewelry is greasy with oil, a drop or two of liquid dish detergent will do wonders. You can skip the ammonia altogether, but the dish liquid goes a long way.

What Is the Best Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner?

Before you invest in a new cleaner, make sure you perform plenty of ultrasonic jewelry cleaner reviews and further review the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner ratings. You can check out this review for an idea about what you should be looking for.

Generally speaking, you should base your research on the length of time the cleaner will take to clean your jewelry and the size of the machine, depending on how much and how often you will clean your items.

Jewelry Steam Cleaner vs Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you’re used to a steam cleaner then you probably understand that this type of device merely uses pressurized heat to clean your items. An ultrasonic cleaner, on the other hand, uses vibrations to shake the dirt particles from your jewelry. When it’s all said and done, an ultrasonic cleaner gets the job right the first time.

Keep Your Jewelry Clean

Cleaning your jewelry at home has never been easier or more efficient with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. You’ll love your sparkling gems, gold, and silver again and feel confident wearing it and showing it off in public. Go ahead, feel like a millionaire in your jewels.

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