Top 5 Most Expensive Wedding Rings Ever Used in the World

The wedding ring cannot be an everyday activity. This event usually comes one time in life and we desire to make it memorable. A wedding ring is an important accessory for both brides and grooms and both try to choose the best.

The ring is a sign of love, care, the union of two hearts as well as wealth. We have seen lots of expensive diamond rings by the grooms to the brides as a sign of love. A unique and expensive ring is practical proof that how much you love your partner. In this article, I have listed the most expensive rings in history. These rings are crafted with high-quality rare materials that make them very expensive millions of dollars worth. Let’s check that rings one by one.

1. Krupp Diamond (Elizabeth Taylor Diamond)

Worth: 3.5 million dollars

A diamond of million dollars’ worth belongs to the American actress Elizabeth Taylor and known as Krupp Diamond. It is thought that she was one of the most jewelry lovers in the Hollywood industry. She got many jewelry masterpieces worth millions of dollars. Her collection had 269 jewelry masterpieces. According to her, Krupp Diamond was her favorite piece that she ever received and she liked to wear it as a ring.

Krupp Diamond History

Krupp diamond ever belonged to the popular and wealthy German family “Krupp”. It was the property of Vera Krupp and sold to Richard Burton for $307,000 on May 17, 1968, in an auction held in New York. He presented it to Elizabeth.

Krupp Diamond Size and Worth

The diamond’s weight was 33.19 carats (6.638 g) and its value was 3.5 million dollars. She was used to wearing it daily and even during the shooting. After her, the Krupp diamond was bought by Daniel Pang (a South Korean businessman) for 8.8 million dollars.

2. Paris Hilton Engagement Ring

Worth: 4 million dollars

A super cool and highly expensive ring was presented by Paris Latsis to Paris Hilton while the engagement. The diamond was too huge and Paris Hilton even said that it is painful to wear such a huge diamond.

The ring was made of white gold. It has round shaped diamond in the center and two small-sized baguette-cut diamonds. This couple never got married and the engagement lasts only for 5 months. After their breakup, the ring was sold in an auction. The proceeds were transferred to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Size of Paris Hilton’s Ring

The main diamond’s size was 24 carats while two other small-sized diamonds were highlighting the beauty of the main squared diamond. The base of the ring was made of white gold.

3. Beyonce Wedding Ring

Worth: 5 million dollars

Beyonce although already has lots of expensive jewelry but one of the most expensive jewelry in the world was presented by Jay-Z. Before she got the ring, they were in a relationship for a long time, and their fans curies that either they date or not.

Finally, Jay-Z gave the songwriter a most expensive gift. Surely, she would be happy after getting such a luxury gift. Beyonce has a ring worth five thousand dollars only and Jay-Z gifted her the same copy of that ring. She rarely used to wear the expensive ring.

Size of Beyonce Wedding Ring

The ring has an 18 carats octagonal diamond. Photographers keep in hurry to take the pictures when she wears that expensive ring.

4. Chopard Blue Diamond Ring

Worth: 16 million dollars

Blue diamonds are expensive compared to the other diamonds. Chopard brand’s blue diamond is considered the second most expensive diamond ring in the world. Blue diamonds are rare in nature that makes them expensive. Chopard blue diamond is uniquely designed jewelry.

Size of Chopard Blue Diamond Ring

This ring has an oval diamond of 9 carats. The base is of white gold of 18 carats and the diamond is jawed in the center while there are transparent artful cut diamonds on the sides.

5. The World’s First Diamond Ring

Worth: 70 million dollars

This is the most expensive diamond ring that the world has ever seen. The interesting part is, there was no use of gold, silver, or any other metal. It was fully created with transparent diamond. Jewelers worked for almost one year to find a suitable skeleton and method for cutting the diamond.

Size of World’s First Diamond Ring

It was exhibited in London on April 14, 2011. Its weight was 150 carat and there was no use of any metal. It was total made up by rounding diamond.