A Popular Bridal Boutique’s Top 7 Tips for Looking Fabulous on Your Wedding Day

There’s no doubt that every bride wants to be the best version of herself on her wedding day. This is why finding that perfect wedding dress usually takes quite some time. And even if you already have your dream dress and accessories, there are still a few extra things you can do to ensure physical beauty and well-being for the big day.

Here, a popular bridal boutique in Dubai offers the following seven tips if you are all about looking and feeling fabulous on the day you say “I do.”

1. Firm and tone

This doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight. For some brides, getting into better physical shape actually means gaining a few pounds, especially if they want a more defined physique.

But, regardless of whether you need to gain or lose some weight, the key here is to improve the fit of your wedding dress. This is even more important if your dress shows some skin and is form-fitting, such as the Lazaro wedding dresses in the 2020 collection.

Overall, you’ll carry the wedding dress better if your body is healthy and toned, and you’ll feel good in it.

2. Improve your complexion

A lot of brides actually work on their complexion before the wedding. They usually want a visible contrast between their skin and the color of their wedding dress.

If you’re quite pale, white can wash you out a lot. Therefore, you can achieve contrast by tanning up a bit. You can go about this the natural way or sign up for a session at a tanning salon.

Meanwhile, if you have a deeper skin tone, you’ll want to give it a healthy and golden glow. Consider improving your diet and increasing your hydration so your skin doesn’t look sallow, especially when you opt for an off-white wedding dress.

3. Work on your skin’s health

Aside from your complexion, you may also want to address any skin issues you may have. Doing this will make you feel so much better and give you stronger self-confidence, especially if your wedding dress is a bit revealing.

Include trips to a skincare clinic in your schedule and sign up for skin treatments that can address everything: acne, irritation, discoloration, and other concerns. While makeup can cover these, it’s best to not have to do a lot of concealing, especially for back and chest blemishes, because makeup can transfer to your dress.

For healthier skin, you may want to adjust your diet, too. Dermatologists recommend following a raw diet a week before the wedding. This will flush out toxins from your skin, and load up your body with nutrients for a healthy glow.

Typically, for a whole day affair, the makeup rule to follow is less is more, and opting for this is easier if your skin already looks great. Your wedding day makeup will wear down to a natural look, which is still lovely and way better than a caked-on mask.

4. Keep your nerves under control with a massage

Your mental and emotional well-being require attention as well if you want to avoid Bridezilla moments. Make sure you get some much-needed “me” time by getting a massage.

This will help clear your mind of concerns, improve the quality of your sleep, and undo all the tension knots building in your body. Also, massage improves blood circulation and the function of internal organs, which you need for a well-regulated system. All in all, getting a massage regularly as the wedding day approaches can make you a much calmer and more glowing bride.

5. Help your hair look the best it’s ever been

Your crowning glory needs to be taken care of, too. Dealing with a busy schedule and perhaps not eating on time as you’re getting ready for the big day can all take a toll on your hair. Some brides even shared that the stress of all the wedding preparations made them lose hair.

Prevent this issue from happening by bringing boiled eggs as snacks when you know you’re going to have a busy day. The protein from eggs can boost your strength, as well as help prevent hair loss and preserve luster and volume.

Besides that, invest in professional hair treatments like hair masks and scalp massage, especially if you will be coloring your hair for the wedding.

6. Learn the proper etiquette for brides

As the bride, it’s not just your physical appearance that will make you look fabulous on your big day, but your attitude and other practices as well. Thus, take the time to study manners and etiquette for brides. This will help you interact with people better and create the best impression on everybody.

Also, your etiquette as a bride is one of the keys to making the wedding truly memorable. The way you face and engage with your guests, as well as all the other people involved in the affair, your manner of speaking, and your actions are all critical variables in setting the atmosphere for the day.

Some brides think that this is unnecessary, and that on their wedding day, they should be authentic and comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with this, but if you want a more traditional and elegant mood for your wedding day, learning bridal etiquette is undoubtedly worth the effort.

7. Practice your walk

This is an absolute must because the bride walking down the aisle is one of the highlights of the event. You want to make sure that you can move easily in your wedding dress and that you have a walking style that will make you look graceful even if the wedding dress restricts your movement.

Practice walking up and down the stairs in your wedding shoes and dress. Also, figure out a way to gather the bottom of your dress if you need to tackle tricky flooring.

There’s no arguing that the bride is the center of attention at weddings. Thus, it only makes perfect sense that it entails a lot of work to be a fabulous one. But while all the prep tasks may seem endless, knowing the things to do beforehand can make them less overwhelming. Also, it’s best to remind yourself that this is a once in a lifetime event for you. Therefore, it deserves all your effort to ensure it’s thoroughly beautiful, joyful, and memorable.


Kristie Romanos is the creative director of Esposacouture, a luxury bridal boutique offering every bride-to-be a one-stop-shop to find her perfect wedding look. Esposa Group includes Esposa Privé and Esposa boutiques in Lebanon and Dubai, offering a multi-brand selection showcasing the works of international designers.