What You Buy When You Buy Luxury Lipstick

Brand name, high-end makeup is known for being luxurious all the way down to its packaging. Although there are plenty of cheaper, drug store equivalents to brand name products, lipsticks are one of those beauty items that are well worth the investment for the real thing.

At the end of the day, your lipstick is what ties together your look. Why opt for a cheaper dupe that will last for half the amount of time when you could invest your money in a product that can last you all day?

Lipstick is one of the beauty products where the saying “you get what you pay for” really rings true. When you spend money on luxury lipstick, you aren’t just paying for a brand name. These are the elements that your money is going towards:

Ingredients That Make a Difference

A lot of the time, quality, natural ingredients with nourishing properties can be costly. High end lipstick like Paul and Joe’s cat lipstick treatment is made with amino acid oil and collagen so that you can, quite literally, feel luxurious.

High end lipsticks are typically made with extra moisturizing ingredients like sheabutter for a formula that wears well and is long lasting.

In a piece chronicling the value of designer lipstick, the New York Times refers to Clé de Peau Beauté, a Japanese line owned by Shiseido that is now selling their accurately named Extra Rich Lipstick for $60 due to the fact that the product contains high-end skin care ingredients like A acetate, a form of retinol.

Longer Lasting, More Pigmented Shades

Better ingredients don’t only feel better—they also make lip shades last longer. While cheaper

lipsticks may have watered down colours that bleed, aren’t adequately pigmented and require more to be used, luxurious makeup brands typically boast better pigmentation for a better colour payoff.

This means that not only will the colour look better, but you also won’t have to apply as much to

get the finished look you are going for.

Aesthetic & Resistant Packaging

As much as they say not to judge a book by its cover – it’s kind of hard to do when it comes to lipstick. After all, according to Racked, lipstick is one of the most expensive products to manufacture. When you put money into your lipstick, you can rest assured that its packaging will be reflective of it’s worth.

Of course, there are also the next level luxurious lipsticks that are packaged with gold plating and jewels – in the case that you want to feel particularly bougie.

Expensive packaging is not only aesthetic and nice to look at, but in some cases, it is generally better and more protective so that you can better maintain the lipstick. The packaging of an expensive lip product generally holds the product together better to prevent a disaster in your purse.

Precise Application

Lipstick shape makes all the difference when it comes to application. A lot of high end brand lipsticks boast a shape specifically catered to precise application. Getting such a specific shape is also a steep manufacturing cost.


According to Money Crashers, high end lipsticks are typically made with fragrances that add to the experience of wearing the product.

Next time you look at the price tag of your lipstick, you can rest easy knowing exactly where your money is going towards.