How to Maintain the Brilliance of Your Luxury Watch

A luxury watch is the epitome of a status symbol. Bold, elegant, and practical, these timepieces require a level of care that is commensurate with their prestige. With proper care, your luxury watch can be an heirloom passed down throughout the generations. 

Basic Maintenance and Cleaning 

One should clean a watch at regular intervals. The basic level of cleaning is simply wiping the watch with a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt. Every couple of months, one should soak the watch in soap and water to loosen any accumulated dirt and debris that cannot be removed through wiping with a cloth. 

Apart from cleaning, one should have a watch professional serviced at regular intervals. Professional service should occur regularly beyond the expiration of any warranty. 

In order to understand the mechanics and brand-specific maintenance tips, a watch user should read and understand the watch’s manual. The watch manual can further instruct you as to the frequency of service needed, what specific cleaning methods should be used, and how to properly wind the watch. Never attempt to open your watch as it can expose the delicate and complex interior to debris. Always entrust internal maintenance to a professional watchmaker. 

Everyday Precautions 

If you wear your watch regularly, be sure to protect it from impact with hard surfaces to prevent scratches or more serious damage that will require watch repairs

Ensure that you avoid contact with magnets and corrosive chemicals when wearing your watch. Magnets can interfere with the complex moving timekeeping elements in the interior of the watch. If you wear cologne or perfume, let it dry completely before putting on your luxury watch. Various chemicals can corrode the metal components of the watch or even damage leather bands. 

Tips for Outdoor Wear 

If you are an avid swimmer, be sure to consult your watch manual to know the watch’s water resistance. Watches will vary as to how well they can handle various depths and changes of pressure. In general, it is a good rule of thumb to avoid wearing a luxury watch when doing water-based activities. 

One should avoid prolonged and direct sunlight exposure. This can cause discoloration and diminish battery life. Similarly, one should avoid exposing the watch to extreme temperatures as both high and low temperatures can diminish battery life. 


When wearing your watch, be sure to store it in its original box in a flat position. If one stores the watch upside down or on its side, one risks scratching the watch or causing damage to the internal mechanisms. The box in which the watch came was specifically designed to protect the watch, so it is best to retain and use it. 

In order to keep your timepiece ticking, follow these simple yet crucial steps. A luxury watch is a piece of jewelry that must be properly cared for and the immense expertise and artistry that was put into it respected. Ensuring proper care and maintenance will afford your watch longevity to be passed down throughout the generations as a cherished heirloom.