4 Fashionable Tips for How to Dress Like a Biker

Looking to revamp your look? Are you going for the bad boy or bad girl look? Then you might be thinking about how to dress like a biker.
If you’re looking to change up your appearance, or maybe trying to fit in and look the part with your new Harley, keep reading to find out some great tips on how to dress like a biker.

1. The Vibe

It’s not just a matter of looking the part, you definitely need to act the part of a biker.

Adopting a tough outside demeanor will sell whatever you decide to wear. Think about the hit biker tv show Sons of Anarchy.

Being a biker is all about confidence. Even if you’re not the biggest guy or gal in the room you still uphold being sure in yourself and who you are.

People will respect confidence and being sure in yourself, if in doubt you can always fake it till you make it!

2. Tops Suggestions

The first obvious tip on how to dress like a biker definitely requires a lot of black clothing. When it comes to tops it’s no different.

You will want to go for some black tops like hoodies, t-shirts, and long sleeves. You can also opt for white t-shirts and long sleeves. Be selective with any logos that are on the clothing.

Stick to vintage band tees like Van Halen, AC/DC, Def Leppard for example, or something with skulls on it. If in doubt, just put the Ed Hardy t-shirt down and stick to plain non-graphic or designed tops.

3. Bottoms Suggestions

Jeans. Jeans. And we cannot stress this enough, jeans.

Bikers know the importance of keeping your legs safe on a ride, and the best material to wear on rides are jeans! Buy the best indigo jeans women online for the lowest price here. 

Typically they’ll wear a dark wash or black denim that’s a straight leg fit. For women, you can get away with wearing tighter fitting denim cuts, but men typically keep it a bit more loose in a relaxed fit. 

If you’re not sure where to start, getting familiar with different types of jean cuts is a great place to start exploring what’s available.

4. Accessories Are Important

A true biker knows accessories are key. 

Whether it be a specific belt, chain, and especially when it comes to biker rings, accessories are how you get to sprinkle some personality to your outfit and stand out.

Chunky statement rings like a skull, or necklaces like dog tags can be the final piece you need to complete your outfit. Alternatively, you can stick to one or two rings and a chain linked to your wallet that lays out of pocket.

Go for practical black boots, or if you’re a skilled rider you can go for some flat bottomed sneakers.

Knowing How To Dress Like a Biker

Knowing how to dress like a biker is all about confidence and the color black. Whichever outfit choices you pick, make sure you’re confident in your selections and you feel great wearing them. That will sell your look more than anything!

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