9 Home Improvements That Add the Most Value to Your House

Have you been thinking about doing a backyard makeover, bathroom remodels, a furniture switcheroo, or simply throwing a splash of new paint on your walls for several months? Well, now might be the right time to finally design the home of your dreams and enjoy it for years to come. If you choose suitable home improvement projects, you will add more value to your home (if you plan to sell it). And that’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Unfortunately, knowing which home improvement projects will offer you the most value and brighten your space up is difficult. But, with a little effort, creativity, and research, you can get an idea of what you need to do. For the time being, here’s a list of all the plausible areas and aspects of your home that may require some jazzing up.

Incorporating these home improvement ideas will help you create a more beautiful, breathable, and pleasant space and increase its value.

1. Start by beautifying your bathroom

An important place to start your home improvement journey is – the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in a home, so it needs to look good. You don’t have to splurge on the most expensive new technology.

A tired and shabby bathroom may be given new life with the right paint color. Light gray, taupe, or white are neutral colors that readily evoke a spa environment. You can also install new flooring and replace outdated fixtures with new ones.

You can probably do these things yourself, but to get that “professional touch,” it is better to hire someone to do them. Besides, the cost to remodel bathroom floors and fixtures is now relatively affordable. The prices may vary depending on the degree and type of upgrades you need.

2. Improve your windows

Nothing is more inviting than the pleasant sight of window shutters. The best part is that this home improvement project can be gorgeous and functional. You can choose between interior or outdoor shutters to give your room a polished, classic aesthetic. Additionally, shutters provide you with more splendid seclusion than conventional drapes or blinds. Shutters designed to block out light can assist you in naturally cooling down your home during the hot summer months.

Window shutters also come in a vast range of styles. You can choose between dark wood, painted wood, vinyl, or anything else – there is a style available for everyone.

3. Add a few of these curb-appeal boosters

If your home creates an excellent first impression on potential buyers, it is directly tied to its curb appeal. Additionally, there are other ways to distinguish your house from others, even from the street. Here they are:

  • Purchasing a new entry door or painting over your old one
  • Repairing, replacing, or painting wood, vinyl siding, or brick
  • Changing a weathered garage door
  • Installing new lighting
  • Adding stone veneer to your entryway

4. Modernize your fixtures

Outlet covers, light fixtures, switch plates, and doorknobs are frequently uninteresting or disregarded. Still, you can add a lot of charisma to them for a few bucks. Beautiful switch plates and metal outlet covers may be purchased for as little as $5 each yet seem considerably more expensive.

Light fixtures and ornate curtain rods can be a bit pricey. Still, occasionally a can of spray paint can transform a cheap one into something elegant. Once more, if you intend to sell your things, select items with finishes and colors that appeal to a wide range of buyers.

To make sure your exterior siding looks great be sure to consider picking the right wood stain.

5. Good lighting can lift your home

When it comes to home improvement, many of us concentrate on the furnishings or the walls. However, concentrating on modernizing your lighting is one of the best ways to instantly improve your home’s ambiance. A pair of distinctive wall sconces will enliven your bedroom or living room. Alternatively, choose a tiny accent chandelier. Pick up exciting floor lamps if you want to do something less labor-intensive.

Intelligent home lighting that works with Amazon Alexa or Google Home may be what you need if you’re a tech fanatic.

6. Refresh the walls

A bit of hard work and a few cans of paint can make a significant impact if your walls have blemishes and discolored paint, an obsolete color, or fading wallpaper. Select a neutral color scheme that ties the entire property and makes the space look more noticeable.

7. Brighten up your kitchen

Not every homeowner has the time/resources necessary for a thorough kitchen renovation. However, you can improve your kitchen without completely gutting it. Start by adding a fresh lick of paint in a shade that complements the area.

A step from that would be to repaint the current cupboards and give your kitchen island a dash of color. It’s a reasonably quick and cost-effective option to change the room, and it might raise the value of your house by 3%.

8. Modify your stairs

One of the areas of house upgrades that are most frequently neglected is the staircase. However, there are various techniques to make your staircase better. Applying wallpaper or adding color accents to the exposed wood on stairs is one original design idea that has only recently come to light. Stick-on stair decals with patterned, textured, or tile-like designs are a simple way to give your staircase a unique look. A new coat of paint or an exterior accent color can also be beneficial for stairs. Another option is redesigning the newel post for a completely different shape or appearance.

If your stairs are carpeted, you could decide to update the carpet altogether or switch to bare wood paneling. Or, for a splash of color, find a robust stair runner. Staircases are a surprisingly underutilized area for home modification. Take advantage of this to showcase your sense of style.

9. Energy-saving add-ons

There are many advantages to using energy-efficient equipment and building materials. They can lessen the environmental effect of your home in addition to helping you save money on energy costs. Here are a few ideas for projects:

  • Purchase energy star appliances
  • Install solar panels
  • Improve insulation
  • Invest in a smart thermostat

Many of these energy-efficient remodeling improvements will benefit you since they are eligible for federal and state green-energy tax credits.


Budgeting for and prioritizing home renovation projects can be challenging, so it’s critical to pick the ones that offer the most incredible benefits. Whether you intend to reside in your home or sell it, putting some of these (or all) home renovation suggestions into practice will help you maximize the value of your house.