End of Lease Cleaners in SA

Sometimes you have to vacate the premises on short notice, but in most cases, even if you have to do so, you can generally get 30 days to speed clean and get your belongings together for the big move. However, if you’re wanting your bond (also known as a deposit in some areas) returned to you after you leave, then you’re more than likely going to have to do some magical footwork to make sure that your residence is completely spotless, let alone clear of any issues and minor damages (scratches on the wall, countertops, sink fixtures, carpet dirt or stains) are removed.

How to Hire the Best End of Lease Cleaners

When you’re looking to clean our apartment or home at the end of your lease, then you want to check to see that you’re hiring the best cleaners in all of Southern Australia. In order to do so, you need to check their references (don’t ever hesitate to ask for them), and see what kind of offers they may have, as well as service guarantees. Some end of lease cleaners provide a 100 percent bond back guarantee. This means that they use a specific checklist to make sure every single avenue that landowners and landlords look for often to be completed so that you can get your bond back.

Check for Real Estate Office Referrals

One thing you can also do to find out about an end of lease cleaning company and check their repertoire is to see what agencies in the area will refer them. While there are some good cleaners out there that are referred by a handful of companies, you can make sure you get the best job done when you hire someone who has referrals from more than a handful (the one we found below is the favorite company for end of lease cleaning for all of the major real estate agents in the area).

Be Sure to Prep Your Residence

You need to make sure that when you vacate your building, you want to leave the property completely empty and void of any furniture and all items that may get in the way. The whole purpose of a bond cleaning is that they want to get your bond back to you, and they also are preparing the property for the next tenants that may enter the premises. By having your place empty, you can not only protect your personal belongings, but you also are helping to maintain safety of the team that’s doing the professional cleaning so things aren’t in the way.


The best end of lease cleaners in SA that we’ve found are the group at Like Cleaning Services Group. They ensure a full bond protection and do every aspect of cleaning from windows all the way to floor shampooing, and more in order to get you the best cleaning that your landlord could expect. If you’re in a commercial office or even just need regular carpet cleaning or residential cleaning, they can even help you with this and offer affordable rates.