How to Succeed at First Dates

First dates can be absolutely nerve-wracking but could also be the start of something special. While they can be unpredictable and some factors may be completely out of your hands, there are some things that you can do to make sure that your date doesn’t at least turn into a disaster. Here are a few tips anyone can follow to make sure that their first date will be memorable.

1. Keep yourself motivated

Since this will be your first date, you have your heart pounding and butterflies rolling in your stomach. You are certainly nervous and not sure how your partner will perceive you. So before you set out yourself in the field, get some inspiration; read your favourite quotes or jokes and give yourself a boost that everything is going to be alright.  Let us give you two that will keep you motivated all the time:

“Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you.” – Joy Adams

“The perfect date is the one where anything and everything goes wrong, but at the end of it, all you want is to see them again.” – Dylan O’Brien

2. Think about your Safety First

As much as you think you know about the person you’re about to date, it’s always better to follow a few security measures for your own safety. The number one rule is to always go on a public date or location. You should also make sure that you are ready to take care of your transportation and let one of your friends or family members know that you are on a date and where you will be as well.

3. Consider Matchmaking

Consider hiring the services of a matchmaker if you’ve had trouble finding someone you’re compatible with. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies when it comes to screening potential dates and end up choosing someone the most incompatible match for ourselves. A matchmaker, on the other hand, will be able to sit down with you and look at your dating profile, give you some suggestions, and identify some of your dating patterns.

Matchmaking services are also great if you’re someone who values privacy. Matchmaking services such as Lunch Dates are great for people who don’t want to deal with the exposure and hassle that comes with online dating for instance.

4. Communicating for the first time

Conversation is probably the biggest source of anxiety on first dates. But knowing what to talk about is not the most important part; knowing what NOT to talk about is much more crucial. It’s all about finding a balance between building an intimate rapport and respecting personal boundaries.

Refrain from talking about your exes and avoid any personal drama. Nobody wants to hear about how your ex wasn’t into this or didn’t want to do that. Try to make it about them as much as you can and ask questions that will spark their imagination and create an emotional connection.

5. Focus on your appearance

While you must remain confident and your true being in your first date, don’t assume that your way of talking will overpower your appearance. Your first impression will very much define what is about to happen. Give special attention to your looks. No extra expenses to make but clean teeth, no bad smell, no cracked lips, comfortable yet stylish shoes and neatly trimmed nails are a key to make a mark on someone’s heart.

6. Understand body language

This may be difficult in the first place but it isn’t a science that you won’t understand. Evaluate your own body language and read what the other person is signing on too. Even if you have fallen for the other person, know when you should his or arm or leg. Do you really wish to make it a late night or is it too soon for a goodbye kiss or just a handshake is all that you both need?

7. Slow and Steady

No matter what you feel and how badly you want a partner in your life, never make it a hasty decision. Go slow and steady. Go smooth and let your first date decide the pace rather you driving the process with your emotions and needs. Don’t be too excited while you talk but rather be confident and try to make yourself comfortable.

8. Follow-up

If you have enjoyed your first date and you think the two of you may further proceed, make a follow-up. Now that doesn’t mean you become too clingy but give a follow-up call the next day of your date, thanking your partner and knowing if they too intend to proceed. Don’t be too shy and don’t expect that it has to be the guy who will call. Times have changed and its not the gender but the confidence that makes a difference.


First dates don’t have to be a hassle. All you have to do is make sure to come prepared and in good spirits; let nature do the rest.