Five luxury updates for your master bedroom

The master bedroom is the most iconic room of any home, especially for couples. It is the place where you find solace. It is a dream room where you can leave all the troubles behind to relax, recharge, and sleep. No wonder you want this personal space to be luxurious and romantic.

If you are still to accomplish this dream, we have good news for you. Contrary to what most people believe, you don’t necessarily need an interior decorator to do it for you. With some smart choices and luxurious upgrades, you can enhance your room’s look and make it elegant.

The following are the five luxury updates for your master bedroom: 

1. Install Glamorous Lighting

Have you seen a luxurious hotel suite? It is all about creating a cozy and luxurious feel. How do they do it? By using soft, ambient, and romantic lighting. To achieve a similar effect, install lights at different levels around the entire room. Wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps, and a glamorous ceiling fixture all play their part to amp up the luxury factor of your master bedroom.

2. Repaint The Walls

Walls are the most noticeable feature of any room. And if it is the master bedroom, their importance increases ten folds. To design the walls, start by choosing a relaxing color scheme. Go for neutrals for a comfortable and warm effect. Or you can opt for a warm maroon or deep red to give your room a more romantic feel.

When you have narrowed down the paint, clear out your room first. Consider renting a self-storage unit to store your furniture beforehand. This way, it will be safe from paint splatters and damage from shifting around during the entire renovation process. Once the painting is complete, style the walls with some framed art prints or pictures. You can make your abstracts and decoratively arrange them. Picture frames also increase the intimacy and warmth of your master bedroom.

3. Dress Your Bed

Who doesn’t love a posh hotel room? The Egyptian cotton sheets, fluffy bed, and mountainous pillows are all very desirable. You can incorporate these in your master bedroom to amp its lux. Start with the bed. Place another mattress on it to increase the height. Cover with white bedding. It complements any décor and creates a sense of purity.

Next step pillows. How many times have we seen drool-worthy pictures of luxury beds? The one thing they all have in common is the heap of fluffy, overstuffed throw pillows. That look is your goal. Layer your bed with cushions and pillows of various sizes. Cover them all in rich fabrics such as silk and velvet for a decadent look. Just make sure they don’t take up more than a quarter of the bed length.

Nothing says romantic more than an elegant four-poster bed. If your bed lacks the frame, look into getting one. You can choose between a classic wood frame and the modern metallic pieces that sometimes feature glass too.

A mirror on top of each nightstand is the designer’s trick to bring glamor to the bedrooms. The glitzy style creates more depth and is a great way to amp up the ambiance.

4. Invest In Quality Curtains And Carpet

Curtains and carpet are the ultimate sign of luxury. While we agree that hardwood flooring is beautiful, it cannot compete with the sense of stillness and calm that lush carpets create.

The carpet is the last thing your feet touch at night, and the first thing they feel in the morning. That’s why you need a rug that is soft, plush, and soothing to touch. We also suggest getting it in neutral colors. Think gray, brown, or tan. All of these work with virtually any décor and are apt at hiding dirt.

When it comes to curtains, the more luxurious, the better; however, if you don’t want to spend lots of money on these, we have a designer technique for you. The higher your curtains hang, the more regal they look. Even if you are using regular curtains and suspend them higher, doing so will give the impression of taller windows and a higher ceiling, visually making the room appear bigger.

5. Hide The Unappealing Power Cords

These are some updates you can do around your master bedroom to make it more luxurious. But if there is one thing that can make or break the entire look, it’s the unsightly cords or hardware lying around. The makeover will only be complete once there is no eye-sores insight. You can hide or disguise them in several ways. Gather all the long wires and put them in a basket. Now hang this basket somewhere out of sight, for example, under the desk or behind the nightstand. You can also wrap them in twine or ribbon to disguise them as an element of design. Similarly, you can also conceal hardware like the internet router as a decorative to make it appear more attractive.


Your master bedroom is a happy place. And the above mentioned simple yet effective ideas will make it more comfortable, ambient, and of course, romantic. Just remember that it is your bedroom, so it should showcase your personality and individual style in which you will feel comfortable.