Make your living room lighting luxurious with chandeliers

Living rooms are usually the center point of any home, traditionally decorated to the owners’ taste and comfort. The integral part of any interior is its lighting layout; it must always compliment the other furniture’s decor and placement.

Chandeliers are fancy or decorative light fixtures for large hallways, living rooms, drawing rooms etc. they add a very luxurious touch to any living room layout.

Chandeliers are a cluster of lights in contemporary and aesthetically appealing designs. It is made up of iron rods with multiple light sockets. The designs are endless, but here are a few ways in which you select and install the appropriate chandelier in your living room to enhance its look.

How to select the right chandelier?

Firstly, they are not for every space; when you opt for a chandelier, make sure it goes with your home’s layout.  Chandeliers hang in the center of the room; it essentially creates a focal point.

The chandelier’s size, height, and style are the crucial aspects to select the right chandelier for the living room.


Sizing is crucial; you wouldn’t want to bump into a chandelier while just going about your day. A large room can most definitely accommodate a large chandelier, while smaller ceiling heights require smaller sizes.

For living rooms, add the room’s length and width together to determine the chandelier’s dimension in inches.


There are so many designs; it gets overwhelming. To decide the best style, go with your home decor. It can either be minimalistic, ultramodern or contemporary, so chandeliers must flush with the ceiling and room design. The style is dependent on finish, colour and material. Various kind of chandeliers which are available are:

  • Farmhouse chandeliers
  • Iron chandeliers
  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Candle chandeliers
  • Glass chandeliers
  • Sputnik chandeliers
  • Caged chandeliers
  • Gold or brass chandeliers

Height and location:

The chandelier’s height and location determine the look. Most rooms need at least 7 feet of space between the floor and chandelier.m Ensure your ceiling will support the weight of your chandelier wherever you choose to hang it. It doesn’t obstruct the view at eye level or overpower the other features in the room.

It shouldn’t be hung too high because it will then fail to light up the surrounding property.

Advantages of LED chandeliers:

LED chandeliers are the wave nowadays because of many reasons. These luxurious light fixtures have many advantages due to the use of LED lamps.

LEDs can dramatically enhance lighting quality. Different colour lighting layouts can be created which set the mood for the living room. Usually, warm colour tones are suitable for living rooms.

LED lamps have an adjustable correlated colour temperature between the range of 1000K – 10000K. I.e. warm yellow to cool white light.

The CRI index of LED lamps is above 80, which renders the objects’ original colour and surroundings. Using these lamps have several advantages over using traditional lamp fixtures like halogen lamps, which are:

  • Better light output
  • Longer life span
  • Energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance cost

color temperature scale


Living room lighting is a crucial factor for home decor design. Being the house’s center and a room dedicated to lounging activities require ambient lighting for comfort and luxury precisely. The lighting layout can be improved by using chandeliers for aesthetics and a depiction of personal style.  The good thing is there’s a wide range of options to choose from, so there’s no restriction when it comes to types but what matters most is that the fixture must complement the room it is installed in and blend with the surrounding, not overshadow it.