Anniversary Gifts by Year: What to Give for Every Milestone Anniversary

Did you know that specific gifts are associated with anniversary years? Each year of your relationship is associated with a certain material or type of gift. Anniversary gifts by year can be celebrated in a traditional or modern fashion.

Not sure what to get your partner for your anniversary this year? Keep reading for our list of milestone gift ideas.

Anniversary Gifts by Year

If you are keeping it traditional when celebrating your anniversary this year, consider milestone gifts. Here are the traditional themes and anniversary gifts by year.

1 Year Anniversary

The traditional gift for a 1 year anniversary is something made of paper. A paper gift could be something as simple as a stationery set or a scrapbook of memories.

In addition to traditional themes, there are also modern alternatives. The modern gift for a 1 year anniversary is a clock. This is to symbolize the passing of time.

5 Year Anniversary

Your 5th year of partnership or marriage is another big milestone. The theme for this one is wood. Traditional gifts made of wood for this special day are wooden picture frames, a decorative bowl, furniture, or you can even plant a tree.

The modern counterpart to this is silverware. This symbolizes all of the meals and you have had together and the ones you will have in the future.

10 Year Anniversary

The theme of this year is tin or aluminum. You have many options when it comes to gifts made of tin or aluminum. Gifts in this category include cocktail drink shakers, cufflinks, furnishings, electronics, or a bike.

A modern gift would be diamond jewelry. Ordinarily, this doesn’t come up until your 60th anniversary if you are following the traditional guide for anniversary gifts. Check out this beautiful wholesale diamond jewelry to celebrate your anniversary.

15 Year Anniversary

According to the traditional guide, this year is when you gift something made of crystal. It represents strength and transparency in your relationship. Crystal glasses or a vase is a great option.

Modern gifts for this year are watches. You can go classic and get your partner an analog watch or keep up with the times and give a smartwatch.

20 Year Anniversary

This year is when you gift china. China is beautiful and delicate and requires care, like a marriage.

The modern alternative to china is platinum. In contrast to china, platinum is strong and durable. This is perhaps a better representation of a twenty-year-long relationship.

30 Year Anniversary

The traditional gift for this year is pearls. Pearls take a long time to create, just like a mature and enduring relationship. A pearl necklace or mother-of-pearl cufflinks are good options for this year.

Diamonds are the modern gift for this year. Rather than diamond jewelry, think outside the box. A diamond-encrusted letter opener is unique and lovely.

40 Year Anniversary

The traditional and modern gift for this year is the same: ruby. Rubies are a lovely gem that makes a great accent in rings, necklaces, and watches.

50 Year Anniversary

For this tremendous milestone, the traditional and modern gift is gold. Gold is a classic luxury item that is well earned after 50 years of partnership

When gifting gold there is, of course, jewelry, but also consider gold champagne flutes or cutlery.

Give the Perfect Gift

Whether you’re going traditional or modern, we hope this guide has helped you find the right wedding anniversary gifts for you. Anniversary gifts by year are classic and versatile symbols of your enduring relationship.

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