Silver vs. Gold – Which Jewelry Is More Classic?

One of the timeless debates out there when it comes to jewelry pieces is choosing between silver and gold. Which is more classic between the two? That question never quite seems to have a conclusion. Both of them are luxe additions to any ensemble. Gold and silver jewelry pieces can dress up anything from jeans and shirts to an evening gown. 

Both gold and silver are classic precious metals that convey class, glamor, and sophistication. For many years, they have been work as rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. They are also used as symbols of wealth in songs and poems. For you, which is more classic, silver jewelry or gold jewelry?

Gold Jewelry

gold pieces of jewelry

Gold is an incredibly durable metal. It is also non-reactive on a chemical level. While other metals are vulnerable to tarnishing, rusting, or breaking down over time, gold still shines on. This is why many heirloom jewelry pieces and antique gold trinkets can stand the test of time. They stay valuable as they are passed along to future generations. 

Gold has been used for jewelry and metalwork since ancient times. Pure gold is soft, and it is easy to work with. It is also usually alloyed with other metals for solidity. Whether old or new, gold jewelry is expensive and lustrous. It features a rich and warm color that keeps gold-lovers coming back. 

Silver Jewelry

a silver necklace

Silver is also like gold that has been used for jewelry since time immemorial. It is also mined from the earth, but its process is more difficult compared to gold. It is also non-reactive and soft when it is in its purest form. It can also be combined with other metals to make a more durable substance. 

Silver is also unusually shiny. It is very reflective and can catch the light most of the time. However, compared to gold, silver is less rare, and it is more affordable. When silver is pure, it will not tarnish. Silver alloyed with copper, on the other hand, will darken over time. But no worries because, with little effort, tarnished silver can regain its shine. It has a bright color and sparkle that is long-lasting and complements anyone. 

Which is More Classic?

In the present time, the choice between gold and silver is more of a life statement than an appearance-based decision. Some people love gold due to the ultimate classic accent that it gives. For them, gold jewelry pieces carry a warmth of a long tradition of significance. They have an eye-catching beauty that can elevate an outfit instantly. And in many ways, gold is the metal of aspiration. 

Other people, on the other hand, love silver for its more modest beauty. Though it is remarkable all on its own, silver jewelry pieces are more nuanced and mysterious. They are able to tie a whole look together and make it seem effortless. With this, it is tagged as the metal of authenticity. 

People may already have a fixed loyalty when it comes to the pieces of jewelry that they are collecting. However, it really does not matter whether you think one is more classic than the other. You can always try to mix and match your jewelry pieces. In fact, some people are wearing them both at once, especially with smaller pieces, creating a chic and modern statement of its own. 

Tips on Picking Between Silver and Gold Jewelry Pieces

woman wearing silver and gold jewelry pieces

Both gold and silver jewelry pieces are timeless choices for different events. If you are wondering how to choose between them for various occasions, here are some tips you can follow:

Always match your jewelry to your outfit.

The easiest way to choose between gold and silver is to pick one that will match your outfit best. For example, if you are wearing a warm dress with earthy tones, wearing a gold jewelry piece is better. But if you are wearing a cool-toned dress, it is best paired with silver accessories.

Match your jewelry pieces to your skin tone.

Skin tone also plays a role in knowing the best accessory color to make your style look more sophisticated. If you have cooler skin tones, silver jewelry is the most natural choice. But if you have warmer skin tones, gold is perfect. 

If you want to determine your skin color, hold out your arm straight in front of you with the palm facing upward. Look at the veins on your wrist to your elbow. Blue or purple veins are cooler skin. Green veins with yellow or golden undertones are warmer skin. Many people have cooler skin, even those with darker skin. 

Your jewelry pieces should match your makeup.

If you are thinking of wearing the opposite of your most natural skin, then you can match the jewelry pieces to your event makeup. For example, if your skin is cool-toned, but you want to wear a piece of gold jewelry, you need to create a bold, warm lip with coral, red, bright pink, or orange lipstick. You also may want to choose a warm-toned eye shadow to draw out the warmth in your look. 

If you have warm skin and you prefer to wear silver jewelry pieces, try to create a cool lip with lighter shades. It’s also best to choose cool-toned eye shadow to bring out the cooler aspects of your complexion. 


Different people may have different opinions on which is more classic between gold and silver. But when choosing your jewelry pieces, you need to stay true to what you love. It’s because one of the cornerstones of fashion and wearing accessories is that you personally love your unique style and taste.