Get Golden! What Color of Shoes to Wear with a Gold Dress or Skirt

Image via: Alamour The Label

What is that first impression you get, when you see a gold color? We know different people will reply in different ways depending on how they perceive the color gold. However, if all the responses are closely observed, you’ll notice that 95% of the response will be positive. The gold color is topping the list when it comes to fashion, and without doubt, a gold dress or skirt reveals sophistication and class. One of the things that make your gold dress complete is the color and quality of the shoe you wear to augment it. We have carefully provided ideas on the type of shoe colors you rock in combination with your favorite gold dress or skirt.

Gold dress or skirt combine with black heels  

Luckily, black color can match any other color, and most people consider it an awesome combo for fashion. A black heel is a great match for any gold dress or skirt, the heels can be either made with leather or other shoe materials. This combination is cool for formal outings and parties and you have the opportunity to add matching fashion accessories.

Gold dress or skirt combine with a nude shoe

Here is another great option if you choose to go golden with a gold dress or skirt, then you can wear nude-colored shoes. This creates a unique appearance and presents in detail your personality. The style of your hair also matters when you have this combination. You’ll agree that the color of your hair and the style must contribute to your general outfit.

Gold dress or skirt combine with off-white shoe

Gold dress or skirt combine with off-white shoe

First, it is essential that you know off-white isn’t white, it could be blush, beige or other colors that are somewhat close to the generic white color. An off-white shoe can work perfectly with any style of gold dress or skirt, and most persons ascribe this combination as a great style and design for wedding ceremonies. This combination is bright and capable of gaining the attention of the people around.

Gold dress or skirt combine with red shoe

Here, the red shoe can either be heels or wedge, but what matters is your comfort when you wear it. A few years back, the fashion style that dominated movie premiere events in Los Angeles was a gold dress and red shoes. This type of fashion style has come to stay because both colors (gold and red) can not go wrong when you rock them with the most colors.

Gold dress or skirt combine with silver shoe

This style stands out amongst some of the fashion styles you may think. Rocking a gold dress or skirt with a silver shoe makes women appear like overly classy and elegant beings. But what’s the function of a dress if it doesn’t make you appear bright, attractive, and beautiful? This fashion combo is simply suitable for formal events like cocktail parties or religious service in any place of worship.

Gold dress or skirt combine with gold shoe

You have the choice to match your gold dress with other colors, and if you want to make your dressing relative, you can stick with a gold dress and a gold shoe. In fashion, wearing the same color of dress and shoe is ideal and sometimes, such a person might be considered a minimalist. The truth is no two women can dress the same, especially concerning fashion accessories. For instance, it is difficult to see two women wear the