Tips To Make You A Pro At Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is one of the most important aspects of a beauty routine. Not only does it accentuate your eyes, but it can also open up your face and give you that gorgeous glow.

All we have ever wanted is to get that perfect look for our eyes, isn’t it?

Well, you’re in luck! We’ve created this guide of the best looks and products to use when trying out eye makeup. You can copy these looks or try them on yourself with our recommendations. Either way, have fun with it! If you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out via email or social media.

So, you want to become a makeup artist, but you don’t know where to start? Well, let us help you! We have compiled some of the best tips and tricks that we think will help any level of artist.

Let’s get started:

1. Blend

Blending is one of the most under-utilized techniques when doing your eye makeup. Too often, people rush through this step or simply do not blend enough. Eye shadows should be blended together like a gradient on the face (a seamless transition from one color into another) instead of blotchy.
When working on small areas such as eyeliner, stay tight! This means instead of dropping your hand and letting the pencil flow, keep a tight grip on it. This will give you much more control over the product and will allow for a smoother line.

2. Apply Primer

Apply Primer

This is one of those tricks where as soon as you try it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do so sooner! Applying Primer to your eyelids before applying eye shadow makes the color much more vibrant, and let’s stay put all day long! You can also use this trick with eye shadows to intensify them or use them wet (apply after primer/before eye shadow).

3. Root Trick

Have any sparse areas in your eyebrows? Fill these in lightly by brushing upwards from underneath the arch of your eyebrow. This will create a thicker, fuller look.

4. Old Shirt Eye Makeup Trick

If you have a dark eye shadow and want to achieve a Smokey eye effect without overdoing it, use an old shirt as a backdrop! Simply place the shirt on a flat surface and apply your eye shadow onto the part that would typically be covered up by your arm when applying makeup in front of a mirror. You can then use this as your “mirror” to fix any mistakes or add more color before taking it all off with some micellar water at the end!

5. Mascara Hacks

Mascara Hacks

To make eyelashes appear longer, curl them first.
To avoid clumping, wait for the first layer of mascara to dry before applying a second coat.
To avoid smudging, apply eyeshadow on your lid beforehand so that it sticks better to the skin and doesn’t transfer onto your lashes. Some lash extension types also help you to achieve a flawless and gorgeous eye look.

6. Concealer Tutorial

Not sure how to conceal dark circles under your eyes? Mix red lipstick with some moisturizer and dab it onto areas you want to cover up before applying the actual concealer. This will help cover them up more quickly without having too much of an obvious color difference!

7. Liquid Eyeliner Hack

Liquid Eyeliner Hack

If you’re not confident about drawing straight lines, use tape as a guideline by sticking small pieces around your eye area before applying eyeliner.

If you’re trying out the cat-eye style, use an eyelash curler to line up where you want your winged liner to end.

You can also create this look by following the crease of your eye rather than directly on the lash line.
Another trick is to place dots where you would like the wings of your liner to start and connect them with a steady swoop.
For extra control (and less mess!), try using disposable cotton buds or Q-tips instead of liquid liners that need brushes.

8. Waterproof Your Liner

Seal all those tricky liquid eyeliners into place with a swipe of translucent powder. Simply dip a cotton swab into some loose powder and then pat it onto the eyeliner line all over your lids to set it. This also helps intensify color payoff!

9. Eye Shadow Hack

To make sure that eye makeup looks its best, wipe off any excess liquid or cream shadows with a tissue before they dry down completely — otherwise, they can catch on your skin and cause uneven lines when applying concealer later on.
And don’ waste product! Instead of using a tissue or rag to wipe off those last bits of shadow from your brushes, dip the tip in some loose powder and then swipe it over the bristles. It’s much more effective than a tissue at picking up excess product.

10. Smoothing Mascara

Smoothing Mascara

If you have trouble getting your lashes to cooperate, try misting the top of them with hairspray before you curl. The stiffening effect that hairspray has on hair makes it great for giving lashes a lasting set.

11. Tame Those Flyaways

To stop those pesky tiny hairs from sticking out like wings after you’ve curled your eyelashes, dab eyeshadow matching their color at the base of your upper and lower lash lines. That should hold everything in place.

12. Tightlining Hack

If you love tight-lining but hate hacking at your skin with a tough brush, use an empty bobbi pin instead! Just put some gel or cream liner on the tip of it and wiggle away. It’s also good for cleaning up any mistakes you might have made with a liquid or pencil liner.

13. Look In The Mirror For A Quicker Curl

It’s a common mistake to hold the curler at the end of your lashes, which often doesn’t work. Instead, curl them from underneath, squeezing gently and holding them for a few seconds each time before releasing them. That should give you a better result!

14. Make Your Eye Shadow Last Longer

To make your eye makeup last all day (or night), apply the darker color first and blend it out nicely, then use a less intense shade as your base color. It sounds simple, but it does make quite a difference if you spend time blending properly. Just don’t forget to set everything in place with a layer of translucent powder. Remember: there is no such thing as perfect eyes, but we should still try to get the best out of them!
Every one of us can be an Eye Makeup expert, with the right tools, accessories, and practice. We hope you apply the tricks and hacks mentioned above and get rid of mediocre eye makeups with gorgeous ones.