Top 10 Luxury Gift Ideas for Your Man

All of us struggle in finding the perfect gift for our loved ones, as we would often have to know first our loved one’s hobbies, likes, and favorites before we can decide on what we could give them. But, what if our husband or boyfriend has everything? Then, it would obviously be much harder to find a gift, as you may not know if they already have the item that you are going to give them. Luckily, there may be items that they haven’t thought about buying, so those can be the best gifts you can give to them for their birthday or for Christmas. Here are the top 10 luxury gift ideas for your man.


a fancy smartwatch

There are plenty of men who love watches, but only a few of them actually buy smartwatches, as they only focus on collecting watches from luxury brands like Rolex and TAG Heuer. Smartwatches, although they don’t look as luxurious as Rolex watches, offer more features and are more functional than the average watch, mainly because they do more things other than keeping track of the time. Besides time, smartwatches also allow you to view your heart rate, the number of steps you take, and your text messages or calls (if the watch is connected to a smartphone).


A man that has almost everything is usually busy with his business, work, or anything that gives him the income and money to afford anything he has. However, most of these busy men don’t have a proper briefcase for them to store important documents and files, which is why another great gift to give them is a durable and sturdy briefcase. There are many brands and models of briefcases that you can buy, but purchase the ones that have good reviews online.

Luxury Shaving Kit

You may be quite surprised to know that the most luxurious men would use cheap razors and shaving cream, as they believe that they should just spend their money on much more important things than the items they use for shaving. However, shaving is also important for them since it is also a part of personal hygiene. So, you can give them a luxury shaving kit that contains everything that they need to have a proper shave at home.


Your man probably has a neat wallet, but what he may not have is a cardholder, which is a secure pouch where they can put their credit cards and other important cards so that they won’t get lost. The best cardholders usually have a part where you can connect it to a wallet, which means that it can be used as an extension to the wallet that you already own.

Espresso Machine

Coffee is an important drink for almost all busy men, so what better gift to give your husband or boyfriend than an espresso machine that they can use to make authentic and strong espressos. There are different shapes and sizes to choose from, and the one you will buy would depend on how much space your man has in the kitchen. Pick a small espresso machine if there is not enough space for a large one, but if your man wants to feel like a barista at home, then the large machines would actually be the best gift to give.

Portable Speakers

If your man is a music lover, there is a chance that he already owns a set of large speakers and a luxurious sound system at home. But, because of how large the sound system is, he may not be able to bring it during outdoor trips, BBQ parties at a friend’s house, picnics. In order for him to enjoy listening to some of his favorite songs outdoor, you should give him a portable speaker that has a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth functionality. Surprisingly, some of the best portable speakers have better quality sounds than some legitimate sound system, so your man might even use it indoors.

Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant

A man that has everything would typically be the one that treats his friends and loved ones the most. So, you can reverse the situation and let your man be treated by you to a fancy restaurant. The treat will surely be appreciated by him, especially if the restaurant specializes in some of his most favorite dishes. Book your table early so that you can schedule the date on a day that you and your man are not busy.

Luxury Cologne

Of course, most men care about what they smell like whenever they are outside, so there is a high chance that your man already owns a bottle of cologne at home. But, you can give them a brand of cologne that they haven’t tried before so that they can experiment with it and see if they will have a new favorite scent. Some brands also have gift packs that contain small bottles of their signature colognes, so you purchase that to give your man more options.

Fancy Board Game

During game nights with friends or family members, a board game is usually one of the best forms of entertainment to have in order to make the event more fun and exciting. There are luxury versions of classic board games that you can buy online, like the Luxury Scrabble and fancy editions of chess. These board games are also the cheapest luxury you can give to your man out of all the items mentioned on this list, so you can choose this one if you don’t have the budget to buy fancy speakers and other luxurious items.

Free Spa Accommodation

One of the best gifts that you can buy for your man is a ticket to a great spa, where they can relax and unwind to forget about their problems and stresses at work or in life. You can accompany them to the spa so that you can also take a breather and relax, or you can just let your husband or boyfriend have some “me time” and allow them to go to a spa alone.

Those are ten of the best luxury gift ideas that you can give for your man. You can combine two or more items indicated on the list if you want to give your loved one more gifts, or you can just stick to one item. No matter how expensive or cheap the object or item is you give to your man, he will still appreciate it as long as your gift comes from the heart.