Treat Your Pets with Products from CBD Black Friday Sale

Like humans, pets have a complex system of receptors and messengers in charge of maintaining the proper functioning of their bodies. This network, also known as the endocannabinoid system, works well when sufficient amounts of natural cannabinoid trigger it. The deficiency of this substance in mammals can develop numerous health and wellness concerns.

The presence of ECS in animals means that they can enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol. This compound is safe for your pet, even if you give them products that humans use. Still, it’s best to give the animals cannabidiol that is tailored to their needs. These are mainly products with lower concentrations of CBD and THC-free.

At the following source you can read why your pets shouldn’t take THC:

CBD Pet Oils

You may think that there is no difference between human and animal CBD oil, and you are almost right. The composition of these products is the same, except that the ratios of ingredients in them differ slightly. As already mentioned, animal products can only be made of isolated or broad-spectrum CBD (meaning no THC). In human hemp products, the amount of THC can go up to 0.3%.

Another difference is the flavors that pet care brands add to make CBD oils palatable. Cats and dogs can be quite picky sometimes. Not every pet will be thrilled with the taste of liquid cannabidiol. But if it tastes like jerky, liver, or any meat, that’s acceptable.

If you come across really affordable CBD oils for your pets at the Black Friday sale, still consider whether it is wise to administer them cannabidiol this way. Liquid CBD gives the best results when ingested directly into the mouth. Then it gets quickly absorbed into the body.

You need to assess how your pet will react when trying to put a dropper in their mouths. If you know they won’t be happy with that, try mixing CBD tincture into their food. Or simply look for additional hint and buy another hemp product.

Treats and Soft Chews

Treats and Soft Chews

Which dog or cat doesn’t like treats? That’s right, none. You can use this to your advantage. If you don’t give up on using CBD pet oil, you can try to sneak it onto your pets’ favorite treat, like a piece of jerky or dab of peanut butter. And if you don’t want to outsmart the animal, just get CBD-infused kibbles or soft chews.

These are quite handy and convenient ways to give your furry buddy a daily dose of cannabidiol. In each yummy bite separately, there is a specific amount of CBD (indicated on the package). By a simple calculation, you will know how many treats your dog or cat can take during the day. You don’t have to adhere to the dosage blindly, but feel free to give an extra treat to your pup if they get unbearable and restless.


Some problems caused by the malfunction of ECS require action on the spot. For example, if your pet has skin problems, infections, or sore joints, applying cannabidiol directly to painful spots is more effective than ingesting it. That’s what topicals serve for, and you can find them in forms of creams, lotions, or sprays.

Get these products on Black Friday sale for animal suffering from arthritis or similar diseases that attack the musculoskeletal system. Also, it is good to have topicals on hand, in case of rash, redness, or skin irritation. After application, cannabidiol is rapidly absorbed into the skin and releases its agents.

As CBD is palatable, don’t worry if your anxious pet licks the spot where you applied CBD topical. Other ingredients used in the production of these goods are also harmless, such as different types of wax or aloe. But these are not quite delicious.

If you are a user of hemp products, you may be tempted to give them to your pet. Although these won’t harm your furry buddy, it is best to give them cannabidiol through products intended for animal use. You can always take advantage of the favorable moment when these goods are on sale, and buy a few different ones. That’s the best way to find out what suits your four-legged friend.