10 Sneaky tricks to make your living room look expensive

Besides the kitchen, the living room is arguably the most significant space in your house. Like its name, it is where life happens, where you entertain your visitors, enjoy your alone time, draw inspiration from the paintings on the wall, and spend your lazy evenings and leisure hours. Most importantly, it is the centre of attraction of your home.

So, wouldn’t you want it to look lush? Fortunately, you don’t need to spend all the cash in the world to make it look luxurious. In some instances, you won’t need to spend a penny. We have uncovered numerous sneaky tricks to design a lavish-looking living room – without spending all your life savings.

1. Use a layered lighting concept

When designing the living room, one important concept that is often overlooked is lighting. Having different light sources in the living room adds enough depth to it. However, you don’t need to spend all your money to do this. You could use a pendant light instead of the traditional table lamp. You can also place candles in beautifully crafted reflective containers.

Plug-in sconces are also very cheap ways of creating a layered lighting concept.

2. Invest in textile fabric

One of the best and easiest ways of designing a room is to use beautiful pillows, but this can be very expensive. However, do not fret; there is a way to spend less. Visit a local textile fabric store that sells beautiful fabrics at a discount price. Then get a tailor to help you sew them or sew them yourself. Buy some feather inserts, and you are good to go.

3. Ensure your curtains hit the floor

Beautiful curtains instantly add to the plush qualities of a room. But never purchase short curtains. Ensure you measure your window before going to the store.

One good way to get cheap curtains is to get a beautiful, lightweight cotton fabric, sew it, dry clean it, and hang it.

4. Invest in large art

A beautiful oversized art gives your living room an instant cool, deluxe feel. It can also spark off interesting conversations from guests. You can get large beautiful art from secondhand shops or get creative and make your art.

5. Integrate texture

Another sneaky trick is to integrate texture. A perfect blend of varieties of woven materials, metals, glass, and woods creates unique art concepts.

You can easily toss a sheepskin throw or faux-fur blanket on your sofa, beautify your leather settees with pillows in attractive cases or integrate polished brass pieces on your wooden tables.

Integrate texture

Photo: 1825 Interiors

6. Incorporate large rugs

Small rugs dwarf the living room, so pick large, less costly rugs over expensive smaller ones. With larger rugs, your room feels airier and bigger, and it automatically feels luxurious.

7. Use metallic

A metallic decorative accent, pedestal table, or desk clock can add an instant luxurious feel and innovation to your living room.

8. Add or replace moldings

One of the best ways of making your living look luxurious and more expensive is to upgrade the interior architecture. All you have to do is replace narrow moldings and baseboards with thicker ones to achieve a more elegant look.

9. Paint the walls

The perfect blend of paint can significantly and dramatically change your room. Thus, you need to paint your walls and trim the color. Dramatic colors enhance architectural details and add interest to the room.  For large projects its important to select the right commercial painter.

10. Visit thrift stores for heirloom-quality pieces

Vintage chandeliers, antique metal cabinets, and old sculpted woods add exquisitely to the beauty of a room.

In conclusion, mixing your antique pieces with newly bought pieces doesn’t harm it – it gives a collected, luxurious vibe.