7 Awesome Loft Design Ideas for Your Home

In the US, the median home listing price was $226,800 as of 2018. That’s why it’s vital to maximize every square foot of your property.

Read on for the top 7 loft design ideas to help you transform your attic into the best room in the house.

1. Home Office

One of the best uses for a loft is a home office. For one thing, it’s private and quiet because it is separated from the rest of the house.

Plus, skylights and large windows mean that you get plenty of natural light. Much more than if you put your home office in a basement.

You might be surprised to realize that you don’t need much floor space for a functional home office.

When you design a loft with the end purpose in mind, there are many ways to maximize space and functionality. It’s also possible to use the irregular shape to your advantage and build in storage cubbies. Consider using timber frame kits that offer great solutions.

2. Study Area

Doing homework at the kitchen counter isn’t always ideal. The noise and distractions of the household can make concentration difficult.

You can turn your loft into a study room. A large table with chairs will let all the kids spread out their books. Or you can make individual workspaces along the walls (with dividers if necessary).

You can keep an eye on the kids as they do their school work and study for exams.

3. Craft Room

If you love to craft, chances are you have bits and ends stacked in various rolling carts, closets, and drawers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one dedicated space for all your DIY projects?

Built-in cabinets are a perfect way to keep all those little items organized. You can also take advantage of so much natural light to help you see well to do those fine details.

4. Teen Lounge or Kids Play Area

Sometimes your kids just need a space of their own besides the bedroom. You can set up the loft to function as a kid or teen-friendly space.

With a playroom upstairs, you won’t see toys scattered all over the house. You are also able to hear what’s going on and keep an eye on them. This is harder to do when they are in the basement or a room with a closed door.

A teen lounge is an excellent way to give your teen a place to hang with friends. A wall-mounted TV with a gaming console and they will have a place to chat, do homework, and be separate from the rest of the family.

Be sure to have a snack station with a mini-fridge, popcorn machine, and basket of granola bars and cookies.

Your house will the one where all your kids’ friends want to hang at.

5. Home Library or Sitting Room

What could be better than a cozy little nook full of books, comfy chairs, and fluffy throw blankets?

Make sure that you have a little side table for your mug of tea and a plate of cookies. You can also put a coffee table up there to play chess or do a puzzle.

Your loft will quickly turn into your favorite room in the house where you can get away for some quiet.

If you want to use it as a library, be sure to plan your loft interior design with plenty of bookcases in mind.

6. Dressing Room

Have more clothes than your closet will allow for? Or do you just long for a place where you can get ready and not be cramped?

Instead of getting dressed in the closet or bedroom, you can convert your loft into the dressing room of your dreams.

Choose either built-in or rolling racks, a full-body mirror, and a vanity. This will make your morning rituals feel luxurious.

7. Home Gym and Wellness Center

Designing a loft as a home gym is a great idea. With some dumbells, a chin-up bar, and an impact mat, you have everything you need to get fit.

A loft is also a wonderful space for yoga and meditation. Add in a wall of full-length mirrors and you’ll have your in-home dance or barre studio.  Be sure to check out https://energywavefoaminsulation.com/ as well.

Key Considerations

Now that you have a bunch of loft design ideas, let’s look at some things you must keep in mind.

Proper Insulation

Your loft will only be a room that you get a lot of use out if it is well insulated.

Loft insulation benefits are plentiful. For example, it prevents heat loss and acts to prevent noise from traveling.

You’ll be glad you did this when winter comes and your toes are toasty.

Maximize Light with Skylights and Windows

A large skylight will make your loft feel bigger. Plus it will give you plenty of natural light for a more appealing space to be in.

Also, think about the placement of your windows. If you have a long, shallow room, space your windows evenly along its length. A deep, narrow room will do well with one large window.

Tall panels of glazing can also help make the room feel more like a natural addition to the house. Plus, you will love the open view of the sky.

Consider Door and Stair Placement

Sometimes you already have a loft in your space. Yet, often, this is a project homeowners add to give themselves more space.

A big part of how to decorate a loft starts with the design stage. It is important to carefully choose where to put the door and the stairs.

Pick the option that gives you maximum space. If you do choose to use a door, it might be best to place it at the bottom of the stairs. That way the loft feels much more open.

If possible, match your stairs to the main level ones. This includes banisters and handrails.

This will help blend your loft into the rest of the house.

Loft Design Ideas Are Endless

There you have it!

Whether you already have a loft or are planning to add the extension to your home, these loft design ideas will add value to your home.

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