A Guide To Flying Safely With A Canine Companion

Flying with a pet can be scary due to varied reasons, and it can raise several questions for the owner. Firstly, arranging the required documents and other essentials can be nerve-wracking. Moreover, there can be concerns about the safety of the dog. Are you also planning to fly with your lovable pet? Are you perplexed about the restrictions imposed by the airlines after the COVID-19 pandemic? Do not worry, as here’s everything you need to know about flying with your canine companion.

Pick the right carrier

The International Air Transport Association has a few guidelines for people traveling with pets. The foremost thing that you should think about is carrying an appropriate carrier or crate for your pet. Furthermore, your crate must be leak-proof, have plenty of ventilation and sturdy handles. You must also mark the carrier with your name, phone number, destination, and contact number to avoid confusion.

Choose your flight wisely

The comfort of your dog is most important, so checking the following pointers is essential. Choosing a non-stop flight is vital while thinking of taking your pet on a trip. If your pet is flying in cargo, make sure to check the weather at the destination. If you are traveling to a warm place, look for an early morning flight. Likewise, in winter, choose the flights in the middle of the day when the temperature is warm.

Get a complete health check for the dog

Before boarding a flight, ensure to get a complete health check of your pet from a seasoned vet. If dog allergies are a concern, talk to the vet about the prescribed medicines. You can even go for the CBD option to curb allergic reactions. Asking the doctor about the prescribed amount of CBD can be helpful to keep your pet calm, comfortable, and composed while on the flight and during the trip.

Prep the dog early

It is essential to prep your dog beforehand. You can consult the doctor about food, water, and medications before stepping out. Familiarize the doggy with the carrier or crate in advance. You can also take your pup to the airport’s departure area a few times to make them comfortable with a new place. Besides, you can consult a fellow pet owner who has good experience of flying with a dog.

Review the rules

It is vital to know everything about the pet-flying rules of the airlines. There can be tons of regulations that need your consideration if you are taking your pet along. Firstly, check which breeds the airline is allowing at the moment. For example, breeds with snubbed noses are not allowed on the airlines because it can be difficult for them to breathe while traveling.

A little effort and preparations from your side can help your canine companion be ready to take off its first flight with confidence. Dogs are the best travel buddy for exploring new places, so you must not miss out on the chance. Believe it or not, traveling with your dog will be the best experience ever!