Indicators of Cryptocurrency Value

Crypto is a digital currency widely used for investment and trading. Also, young crypto projects and startups sell their tokens to attract early investors. When a project expands and grows, the token’s price increases, bringing profit to holders. Digital assets come into the real sector. For example, today, many shops, gas stations, and companies allow crypto settlements, adding discounts for payments in crypto.

Numerous crypto platforms bridge real-life business and blockchain, facilitating money transfers and allowing transparent and quick services at low fees.

How Can Crypto Be Characterised?

Cryptocurrency values are unstable. The fact is that neither the government nor central banks control the emission of crypto assets. They only depend on the market processes such as competition, demand, supply, market trends, investor sentiment, etc. To analyse the future crypto coins value, investors do thorough research on a project, technical analysis, and the overall situation in the world’s economy.

The ranking of the most expensive cryptos can be found on the Coinmarketcap resource. The leader of the crypto market s Bitcoin – the most stable asset to invest in. Its price is over $19 000, and the daily trade volume is over $40 billion.

Features that allow assessing crypto:

  • Trade volume. It is the amount of all the trades conducted with a particular crypto coin in certain time frames (24 hours) on all crypto exchanges.
  • Market capitalisation. It is an overall cryptocurrency value that has been mined (the number of assets in circulation X the current rate).

Where Can I get Crypto By Current prices?

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