Top 5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, doing some home remodeling can significantly add a breath of fresh air into your property and ultimately increase your home’s value. According to a 2018 Homeowner Protection Survey conducted by Chubb, 58 percent of homeowners have planned to undergo a home renovation project in the next 12 months in order to give their properties more value.

If you are one of these people, it’s important to know which part of your home you should start improving first. Here are the five best home renovations that will make your property a total steal in the market.

Improve Curb Appeal

Look at the bigger perspective when assessing the value of your home. Go outside, walk across the street, face your house, and ask yourself—does it have curb appeal? Will it make anyone take a second glance when they pass by?

If you think otherwise, perhaps it’s time to transform your home’s façade. A curvy walkway is nice, but you can improve the look of it by adorning it with attention-grabbing flowers and lanterns. Don’t forget to include the sides and rear areas of your property, as buyers often take a peek over the fences to check how it looks.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

In real estate, the kitchen is where the greatest return is. You can start off by doing a mini-remodel of your kitchen. Changing the paint may sound like a menial task, but it can quickly transform the entire look and feel of the area. A new backsplash can also bring a pop of color to your kitchen and instantly attract potential buyers.

A hot item for buyers, though, is a stainless steel kitchen appliance. Make sure that your appliances match each other and the entire aesthetic of the kitchen.

Transform Your Bathroom

Consider the bathroom as the workhouse out of all the rooms in your house. There may be signs of wear and tear in every corner, so you’ll want to keep it not only functioning well but also good-looking for your potential buyers.

When thinking about what to remodel, remember that people don’t fancy utilitarian bathrooms anymore. The trend is now more spa-like and relaxing. Ditch drop-in sinks, and opt for undermount ones. Granite or marble are also excellent choices for bathroom counters. When it comes to toilets, opt for one with a macerating pump, as this requires less maintenance and will spare you plumbing costs in the future.

Modify Your Floor Plan

Millennials, who now make up a huge portion in the home-buying population, usually prefer open floor plans. With this, removing a wall should increase your home’s value within a year.

You can also add square footage by adding a guest room or a second bathroom. If you opt for the latter, installing a macerating toilet instead of the standard ones should require less cost, as this is easily installed and does not require complex plumbing. But you should check out if you need a professional water damage restoration service.

Consider a Basement Extension

Basement extensions usually get a bad rep. Basements are dark and cramped, which are two things that usually do not appeal to a potential home buyer. However, adding basements can add huge value to your home when done right. There are plenty of ways to make basements cooler, but remember to consult this with a professional and have a full structural survey conducted first for your project to succeed.

Always Consult the Experts

These five tips are sure to make a difference in how home buyers should see your home in the future. But before bringing in the builders, you’d have to first check with local estate agents whether these specific home renovations will truly add value to your home or there are other areas in your property that need to be taken care of.